Zamnesia Outdoor Cultivation Kit


The Zamnesia Outdoor Cultivation Kit gives you the basis to produce your very own patch of Psilocybe azurescens magic mushrooms. Once grown, the patch can produce yield after yield of highly potent mushrooms, year after year. Ideal for the psychonaut wanting a long-term personal crop. All you need is patience and care!

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Zamnesia Outdoor Cultivation Kit: Grow your own Azurescens magic mushrooms

The Zamnesia Outdoor Cultivation Kit is the perfect magic mushroom solution for hobby mycologists and veteran psychonauts. With it, you will be able to cultivate your very own patch of potent magic mushrooms, offering annual harvests of home-grown psychedelics – year in, year out. All that is required is a little bit of work and patience.

Each of our Zamnesia Outdoor Cultivation Kits has been inoculated with the Azurescens strain of magic mushrooms. These are extremely potent, and can be up to six times stronger than the traditional cubensis varieties found in indoor grow kits.

An outdoor mushroom patch can take up to a year to grow, so patience is essential. The reward will be some of the strongest mushrooms you have ever tried – certainly a project for the psychonaut wanting a long term investment. Mushrooms usually fruit during the autumn.

You can find out how to use this kit and grow your own magic mushroom patch here, using our simple and easy to follow manual:

Outdoor Cultivation Kit Manual

A word of caution:

As this kit is used outdoors, and can produce mushrooms for years, it is possible for it to become contaminated with other strains of mushrooms. It is important to take extra care when harvesting any mushrooms from the patch. Only use mushrooms that have a blue tinge. Make sure you are aware of Psilocybe azurescens’ characteristics. This product is better suited to hobby mycologists and experienced mushroom hunters. The customer takes full responsibility for the use of this product. Unfortunately, success cannot be guaranteed, as there are many factors outdoors that can influence how successful a patch is.

Use Our Magic Mushrooms Dosage Calculator

Reviews (25)

    Il micelio dopo 1 mese si è espanso come previsto in tutta la scatola piena di truccioli ora non resta che aspettare che cresca qualcosa non appena arriva l' autunno.


    zamnesia outdoor cultivation kit
    So It´s still innoculating hasn´t been a month yet and It looks promising. The Woodchips are becoming whiter seems to be working so far thanks guys.


    must try it
    Received the package about a month ago. The first steps were easy and promising. After planted outdoors now just waiting for the final results.


    È buono, ma solo all'inizio
    Ho deciso di mettere una sola stella non solo perché il prodotto lascia un po' a desiderare, in sostanza è buono, tuttavia non è così semplice da coltivare come viene mostrato nella guida. Soprattutto perché possono sussistere dubbi e difficoltà a cui non ho avuto ancora risposta da parte del team di Zamnesia. Il mio micelio pare vivo, ma è diventato inattivo a causa del troppo nutrimento che gli è stato dato (trucioli di legno) ed ora si diffonde lentamente senza che io possa intervenire per sanarlo.


    The instructionsv ery clear i prepated 4 spawn boxes in differet ways, best result grain in the presure cooker with grain, now zfter a mont the outdoor conditions will help the result, i will most def order again, thanks zamnesia


    Hello to Zamnesia team! After 20 days in wood chunks, inoculation is doing impressively well. Too early to get some final result but for now it’s all ok, it will go soon into the soil so we will see!


    A no show
    Unfortunately I don’t have any shrooms from this product


    Good kit
    Product well received and well packaged. Innoculation is running well. Too early to speak about results.


    Works indoors!
    I tried to make this work indoors, since the ground is still very much frozen and autumn is far away. I followed the steps and buried the box in a big flower box, that I poked holes in the bottom, by the window and added lots of water. Later on I built a makeshift greenhouse with plastic foil to preserve the moist and BAM. Just yesterday I noticed 3 little heads sticking up from the soil. The following months will be intresting as I still have no idea what the flushes will be like.


    On track!
    Received the kit a few weeks ago. Boiled the wood chips a while, cooled them to 23 degrees in a plastic container, dropped in the mycelium and mixed. Used a bit more of the chips than in the manual; hoping for a bigger starter. Seems to work out well; can see the wood being colonised now. All seems to go according to plan. Fairly straight forward this all. Will keep you posted after the next steps!

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Zamnesia Outdoor Cultivation Kit
Zamnesia Outdoor Cultivation Kit
Zamnesia Outdoor Cultivation Kit
Zamnesia Outdoor Cultivation Kit