Poppy (Papaver somniferum) Seeds


Poppy (Papaver somniferum) is the plant from which opium, morphine, and heroin are made. The poppy seeds themselves don’t contain any alkaloids. With Zamnesia Poppy Seeds, you can grow your own poppy plants at home with ease!

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Zamnesia - Poppy Seeds: Grow Poppy At Home

Papaver somniferum, better known as opium poppy, is the flowering plant from which opium and poppy seeds are derived. It is believed that the plant was initially cultivated in the Eastern Mediterranean, although its exact origins are shrouded in mystery. Poppy seeds are perfectly legal in many countries/continents, including Europe and the United States.

The flowering poppy plant is native to Western Asia and Southeast Europe. In these areas of the world, the plant is often cultivated, but it can also be found growing in the wild. Aside from being a source for making opiates, poppy is also grown for the seeds that you can find on various baked goods.


The opium poppy is a hardy annual that can reach a height of about 1 metre. The plant flowers in summer and sheds its seeds a few months later in autumn. The flower of the plant can take on various colours, including shades of red, purple, pink, and white. It makes a beautiful ornamental that looks great in any garden.


Papaver somniferum is a hardy weed without any special requirements—this makes the plants very easy to grow. You can plant the poppy seeds indoors in pots, or sow directly into soil outdoors, provided you allow the plants enough space for their roots to grow and ensure good water drainage.

The best time to plant your seeds is between September and April. Should you live in a climate with a cold winter, it is recommended that you wait until early spring to avoid frost. For germinating your poppy seeds, you can simply toss them onto fertilised soil and cover them slightly. Keep the soil humid and watered well until you see the seeds sprouting. This will usually take a week. Make sure you do not overwater to prevent fungus growth and rot.


Zamnesia Opium Poppy Seeds are for growing purposes only.

Reviews (10)



    A noter qu'il s’agit de 5grs de graines et non pas de 5 graines. Il ne faut pas se faire avoir, cela n'étant pas précisé. Germination au top avec une réussite d'environ 80%


    Bien reçu
    J’ai pas encore testé l article mais je pense que c’est assez compliqué à Faire bien pousser . Mais je vais tester , dans tous les cas je fais confiance à zammnesia !


    They sprout very quickly and require low maintenance Definitely recommended!


    Ja der hat wenigstens ein bisschen was zu dir gesagt dass du etwas willst und es auf einfachstem Weg haben kannst du bist großartig und wunderbar in der Sonne


    Good germination,,
    Sprouted with ease and good %,, 4 stars as not mature plants yet


    they look beatifull im looking forward to plant htem



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Poppy (Papaver somniferum) Seeds
Poppy (Papaver somniferum) Seeds