Easy Roots Mycorrhizae Mix

Easy Roots Mycorrhiza Mix provides an organic means of improving soil health and boosting plant vitality and yield.

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Royal Queen Seeds - Easy Roots Mycorrhizae Mix: Boost Nutrient Uptake With Ease

Fungi are the engineers of nature and the stewards of the forest. These curious lifeforms belong to neither the animal or plant kingdoms, breathe oxygen, and reproduce by spreading spores instead of seeds. Fungi are much more than the fruiting bodies that make appearances above ground. The main anatomical structure is known as mycelium, a subterranean network of white filaments called hyphae. Through these networks, fungi can transport nutrients and allow plants to communicate to each other; researchers have even referred to mycelial structures as "nature’s internet".

Fungi are extremely important to the biodiversity of cannabis gardens, and can even be used to enhance the health, vitality, and yield of crops. A specific type of fungi, known as mycorrhizae, form a symbiotic relationship with cannabis plants—one in which both lifeforms benefit. When you add mycorrhizal fungi to your soil, these lifeforms form a bond with cannabis roots and act as an extension of the root system. They break down organic matter by excreting enzymes and transport them into cannabis plants. In exchange, plants excrete sugars from photosynthesis to provide sustenance for the mycelium below.

Easy Roots Mycorrhiza Mix is an easy and effective way to introduce these beneficial microorganisms into your soil. This unique and 100% natural blend of fungi includes over 200 beneficial species of Glomeromycota. These include:

  • Rhizophagus irregularis
  • Entrophospora colombiana
  • Glomus spurcum
  • Glomus mosseae
  • Glomus geosporum
  • Glomus clarum
  • Glomus etunicatum

By adding these species to your soil, your plants will be able to absorb crucial nutrients far more efficiently, with absorption rates improving by up to 700%.

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Easy Roots Mycorrhizae Mix
Easy Roots Mycorrhizae Mix
Easy Roots Mycorrhizae Mix
Easy Roots Mycorrhizae Mix