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Pure Hemp Rolling Papers Review

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We really really like blazing a nice fat joint. And we are guessing plenty of you do too. So we had to tell you about the best rolling papers to blaze cannabis with. Allow us to introduce you to the unbleached king size Pure Hemp Rolling papers.

Most cannabis user’s first introduction to weed is via a joint passed from a pal. Learning to roll up your own spliffs is a rite of passage for every stoner. After mastering the fine art of joint rolling, it’s common to find a particular brand of papers and stick with them. Rolling up often becomes a kind of ritualistic practice. Over time every cannabis user grows accustomed to blazing up in their own nuanced style.

If roll ups are you preferred method to get high, then you should do all you can to ensure the best smoking experience. We all carefully scrutinise buds before blazing them, even when it’s your own home grown. Why not apply the same high standards to the papers your rolling that fine weed up with? This is especially important for those trying to consume cannabis without the carcinogens.

Smoking pure weed without tobacco mixed in is a good start but still may not be a pure joint. Not if you rolled up with standard bleached white rolling papers. If you truly want the ultimate smoking experience, you must roll up with chemical free natural rolling papers. So we ditched the toxic papers and blazed up exclusively with Pure Hemp rolling papers for a fortnight to find out what it’s like to really smoke pure.


Pure Hemp size and weight

Pure Hemp unbleached papers king size come in packs containing 33 ultra thin papers. These rolling papers are just the right size for a nice fat spliff. No need for trimming excess paper width like other brands of king size papers. Pure Hemp papers are so fine they are transparent.


Ease, use and feel

Although, they are super fine unbleached rolling papers, the Pure Hemp king size don’t have a flimsy feel. Easy to roll up with and well gummed so joints will never start to unpeel like a banana. Always consistent and make wonderful spliffs every time.


If you are making the switch from standard chemical laden rolling papers to 100% natural bleach and chlorine free papers like Pure Hemp, then you will notice the difference on the very first toke. Chemical bathed rolling papers will invariably taint the flavour of marijuana and probably damage your health in the long term.

The greenest way to smoke is definitely with papers made from natural hemp fibres and that you can be certain are non-toxic. Pure Hemp unbleached papers burn slow and even and provide a genuinely pure cannabis smoking experience.

Pure Hemp Unbleached


Priced at just €1.15 per pack the Pure Hemp unbleached king size papers are great value. There is no good reason not to stock up.


There really is no comparison with Pure Hemp Papers. Joints definitely taste better. At no additional cost per pack, it makes sense to ditch the poison papers for unbleached Pure Hemp papers. If you really want to smoke pure you need to be rolling your marijuana up with a pack of Pure Hemp.


Pure Hemp

We are proud to confirm, that for us there really is no going back to ordinary rolling papers. After rolling up with nothing but unbleached Pure Hemp king size papers for some time it nothing less will suffice. We are glad we made the switch and you will be too when you start enjoying the tastiest joints of your life with superior Pure Hemp papers.


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