How To Grow Magic Truffles With The Truffle Cultivation Set
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How To Grow Magic Truffles With The Truffle Cultivation Set

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Easily grow best-quality magic truffles at home with the Truffle Cultivation Set. This exciting selection of three different species demands nothing from you but your patience. Enjoy three of the finest specimens available at Zamnesia.

The Magic Truffle Cultivation Set from Zamnesia is a consumer-friendly way to grow magic truffles at home with minimal fuss. Each set contains three kits. Each kit is inoculated with a different species of truffle: Psilocybe mexicana sclerotia, Psilocybe tampanensis sclerotia, and Psilocybe galindoi sclerotia.

The Mexicana is the gentlest of the trio, recommended for first-timers. Galindoi is the most bountiful, producing the largest harvests out of the three. Tampanensis has been a favourite since its introduction and represents the higher ground in terms of intensity and harvest weight. By staggering their cultivation and purchasing replacement kits, you can ensure a steady supply of the highest-quality truffles for your foreseeable future.


Magic Truffle Varieties

Our Mexicana harkens back to the late-1950s when psychedelic fungi were first seriously examined and experienced by westerners. It is the mildest of this set, yet remains a favourite. Mexicana is a peerless introduction to magic truffles for the aspiring psychonaut. Experienced trippers enjoy the manageability and day-to-day friendliness of this strain. This strain is also available “ready-to-go”.

Galindoi is noticeably the heaviest producer of this tasty selection. Galindoi sclerotia are considered to be of medium strength, comfortably in the middle between the mexicana and tampanensis. These truffles alter perception and increase sensitivity, and should be taken in a peaceful place. Lots of potent visuals have made galindoi truffles a crowd-pleaser since their introduction. Staying out of traffic is a good idea as these will melt your world. Even when walking, you will do the truffle shuffle.

Tampanensis brings its own twist to the psilocybin experience with a strong intensity that allows for clear thoughts and clearer insights. Tampanensis truffles are called “philosophers stones” in Tampa, Florida, where they were discovered in the late-1970s.


These truffle kits require nothing more from you than a pleasant place to grow and mature. No activation of any kind or adding water is needed. Once received and removed from the box, all you require is patience and to follow these few simple steps!

Remove the three grow boxes from their Zamnesia packaging. Each grow box will have a small sticker showing a name and number. The number is the week in which the box was inoculated. Truffles will be ready for harvest in 13 to 20 weeks after inoculation. Mark these harvest times on your calendar. The longer you wait, the larger your truffles will be.

Put the truffle kit in an undisturbed place out of direct sunlight. Complete darkness is not necessary. The ideal temperature for growing truffles is 22-23°C and should not exceed 27°C. Avoid harmful temperature fluctuations as much as possible.

Magic Truffle Cultivation SetView Magic Truffle Cultivation Set

Make sure the filter device on the lid remains unobstructed. Don’t stack the kits on top of each other or cover the lid in any way. Do not remove the lid or filter device until the truffles have fully grown. They are in their own perfect little truffle-friendly world.

Only remove the lid when the truffles have finished growing. As mentioned in step 1, they take 13-20 weeks from inoculation to harvest. 16 weeks is an ideal amount of time when growing under the ideal circumstances. Harvest the complete crop in one go.

Carefully brush or rinse the sclerotia clean and separate the truffles, then dry. Be attentive and patient. Some truffles can be tiny, especially the Mexicana. Store in the refrigerator.

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It is highly recommended to start the growing process straight away. If you want to delay things or stagger the grow times for each kit, put them in the refrigerator at 3-5°C minimum. They will last 2-3 weeks. You do risk harming the mycelia, so again, it is advised you start growing once you receive the pack.



Eating truffles on an empty stomach will intensify the experience. Eating prior to consuming psychedelics will lessen the intensity and may cause purging.

The most direct method is to eat them whole. This is kind of unpleasant as they need to be well-chewed and taste a bit foul. Washing whole chunks of truffles down with a beverage reduces the effectiveness substantially. Your body may not even digest a whole piece at all.

Not liking the flavour or the texture, but loving the effects is a problem easily solved. A truffle grinder and a delicious recipe or two can save the day and keep the gag factor to a minimum.

Truffle GrinderView Truffle Grinder

Grinding well-dried truffles with a truffle grinder makes a fine, multi-use powder. Powder aids rapid absorption by the body and is less traumatic for the taste buds. Put it in capsules, mix with honey, wash it down easily with water, or mix into a drink or food. Powder makes things easy.

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Teas and tinctures, chocolates and candies, drinks and snacks. If you can cook or drink it, you can add truffle dust to it. Truffle brownies or a steeped tea are equally effective ways of introducing psilocybin into the body.


Set, setting, mood, ambience, company, time of day, and general good health all play their part in helping mould your experience. Meditation, a safe and peaceful place, enjoyable music, and company will complement your time in the truffle dimension.


Written by: Zamnesia
Zamnesia has spent years honing its products, ranges, and knowledge of all things psychedelic. Driven by the spirit of Zammi, Zamnesia strives to bring you accurate, factual, and informative content.

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