Cheesy Auto: Philosopher Seeds' Autoflowering Champion

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Cheesy Auto: Philosopher Seeds' Autoflowering Champion

We are pleased to feature a guest blog post by our friends at Philosopher Seeds, as they introduce us to their latest award winning strain of cannabis: Cheesy Auto.

Cheesy Auto is our new autoflowering champion of 2015, receiving first prize at this year’s Expogrow in Irun - one of the most important cannabis fairs in Europe, whose prestigious cannabis cup is internationally celebrated. It is a massive reward for the hard work and effort of our dedicated team of breeders, who are increasingly making a name for themselves within the grower scene.

To achieve this first prize, the Philosopher Seeds team has had to work long and hard, raising 8 generations of cannabis to offer a hybrid of exceptional quality – further highlighted by the other excellent competing strains that participated at the Expogrow 2015 Cup. The variety we submitted at Irun was a particular phenotype that grew with very dark tones, and fully maintained the aroma and flavour of its parent “UK Exodus Cheese" – a strain known well to all lovers of cannabis.

Cheesy Auto is a 4x4 strain, growing robust and compact. She is very easy to grow, making it easy to get professional results. This makes Cheesy Auto a perfect outdoor crop, which can be harvested after just 65 days, with a plant height of 1.2m. Also, thanks to the genetics improvements we at Philosopher Seeds have made, this autoflowering variety will also thrive indoors, producing a high-quality crop of dense, resinous bud in no time at all.

For the best results, and the best combination of terpenes and cannabinoids, we use only organic fertilisers. This really highlights and brings forth the true and intended flavour profile held within its genetics. This is especially true of an algae nutrition program, which also results in buds turning alluring shades of purple and blue… very special!

As we at Philosopher Seeds continue down this path, we feel it is only right to share this latest autoflowering champion with the world – it will be a part of our catalogue for a long time to come. Therefore, if you are a real rodent, and lover of the best cheese, you can rest assured your pantry will always be well stocked when you grow Cheesy Auto by Philosopher Seeds.