Cannabis Strain Spotlight: Sleepy Yoda Auto
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Cannabis Strain Spotlight: Sleepy Yoda Auto

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We love innovation, and Philosopher Seeds are all about it. We asked them to tell us about their upcoming strain Sleepy Yoda Auto. It is safe to say we are pretty excited about it.

Philosopher Seeds are seed bank founded on a collective philosophy, aiming to breed special and eclectic strains that all can enjoy, without catering to the lowest denominator. It is this philosophy of creating strains for users, by users, that has allowed them to gain the following and reputation they have for excellence. We asked one of their breeders for some details on their up and coming strain Sleep Yoda Auto.

Here is what they had to say: "The team has been hard at work this year, and will be expanding its Philosopher Seeds Auto line in the new season of 2016 - with autoflowering varieties that are sure to interest all growers. The first to be released by us is Sleepy Yoda Auto, the result of a very special cross between White Yoda x Northern Lights. The goal was a hybrid with strong indica characteristics, offering pleasurable and relaxing effects along with high yields."


The two parents that have been used for this variety are very unusual. White Yoda has a very elevated high and can reach THC levels of up to 20%. Its flowers are highly resinous, with characteristic aromas of undergrowth and damp wood. Northern Lights genetics have been introduced to add a calming and physical effect which makes Sleepy Yoda Auto ideal choice to relax at the end of the day.

Sleepy Yoda Auto grows fast, and its lateral branches are a good size, but can form very compact and dense flowers. This variety can be harvested in 60 days from germination, offering a production of around 500g/m². You can use any type of pruning to control its height (LST, fimming, supercropping) if grown in reduced or discrete spaces.

Although Sleepy Yoda Auto has some very distinguished tastes and aromas, they will have a much higher quality if you grow her organically. It makes it much easier to appreciate the hints of oak and earthy tones, as a much more developed spectrum of terpenes will be present in the crop. Plants grown in coconut fibre or hydroponics will be rewarded with a higher yield per square meter, with resinous and strong flowers. She adapts perfectly to outdoor life, making her an ideal choice for outdoor and guerrilla growers alike.


As the name suggests, Sleepy Yoda Auto is ideal for consumers who use cannabis for relaxation therapy, or a variety to disconnect the mind, find peace and fall asleep. Its effect is long-lasting and balanced. A gift for lovers of Indica strains, with aromas and classic effects reminiscent of the first strains to hit the Dutch cannabis scene back in the 90's.

To sum up, Sleepy Yoda Auto is a large autoflowering plant with a strong high and dense, sugary buds, able to produce 500/m² in just 60 days from germination. Don't miss the chance to cultivate this little delight offered by Philosopher Seeds.

To celebrate the launch of this new strain, we are offering a special deal on all Sleepy Yoda Auto cannabis seeds. So be sure to keep an eye out in the shop!



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