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BSB Genetics: Passionate About Cannabis

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The cannabis industry is booming. In Birmingham, a seedbank has entered the game. BSB Genetics are gathering the best cannabis seeds from all over the world and they want you to know all about it.

Zamnesia is proud to announce a new partnership with the British seedbank BSB Genetics. This award-winning enterprise derives from humble origins and has since become a leader at the forefront of the cannabis industry.

Lee Mallett was a retail entrepreneur in Birmingham who began selling smoking accessories in 2006. He soon realized that while the sale of cannabis was illegal under British law, having cannabis seeds for sale was not forbidden. So, he began stocking seeds in addition to paraphernalia, and found he needed to stock more and more. By 2009, he discovered that selling seeds was bringing in most of his business. So in 2010, he formed the "Birmingham Seed Bank", providing top-notch seeds in one of the UK's largest cities.

The 2010's sure have been an incredible decade for the cannabis industry. Increasing global acceptance of cannabis has led to many jurisdictions legalizing the cultivation and even sale of cannabis. The cannabis club movement of Spain is a notable example, where non-profit cooperatives cultivating cannabis have produced incredible strains. This specialized development of strong genetics is something Birmingham Seed Bank wanted in on. Mallett reached out to Spanish cultivators for collaboration.

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By 2014, the revamped "BSB Genetics" was launched with great contacts for sourcing the world's best seeds. They have big plans for expansion ahead, and you'll be sure to see them at cannabis expos. They want to develop a range of clothing, merchandise, and even CBD products, which are increasingly popular with medical users. They talk a big game and they have the seeds to back it up. Here are 5 of the best cannabis strains BSB Genetics has on offer that are simply too good to resist!


Gorilla Glue #4 (BSB Genetics)

The effects of this hybrid skew toward indica with a strong body high that’s perfect for chillout time. As raw power goes, Gorilla Glue #4 is quite an appropriate name. This is a strain that produces very high THC content, sometimes even surpassing 30%! Results can range from 26-31% after 7-9 weeks of flowering. If 26% is the low-end of what's possible, then you know you're dealing with something intense.

The yields are medium-sized, but the stickiness of the dense buds shows how much psychoactive goodness is to be enjoyed. Hints of diesel, chocolate, and herbs emanate the flavourful bouquet of the strain’s parents.


Amnesia Haze (BSB Genetics)

Between 9-9.5 weeks of flowering will produce the spoils of this classic. Amnesia Haze is common throughout the world, but BSB Genetics is taking extra special care with these seeds. The mouth-watering citrus that imbues the smoke with flavour is unmistakable. Mature buds on plants will also emanate a strong scent of lemon.

This sativa-dominant hybrid with a 70/30 split means you will feel its effects in your head. Giggling and bouts of energy are to be experienced. The name Amnesia Haze suggests the blissful, carefree state of its high, but may also serve as a warning to pace yourself with such a strong strain.


Cali Cookies (BSB Genetics)

If you are looking to fry your brain, there is a very pleasant way to go about it. It comes courtesy of the thriving cannabis cultivation communities of California. BSB Genetics even have a selection of seeds called "The Cali Collection" and Cali Cookies takes a proud place in it. This strain is known throughout the world for its staggeringly high THC content of 25-28%.

It is often called "Girl Scout Cookies". The flavour is certainly like a particularly cinnamon-tinged cookie with traces of mint, chocolate, and pungent earth tones. The impact is definitely strong and you will want some downtime to properly appreciate the high of Cali Cookies.


Auto Diablo XL (BSB Genetics)

In 9.5 weeks from seed to harvest, this strain will produce phenomenal yields. Auto Diablo XL is a high-yield crossbreed of Jack Herer and Big Devil #2. This third generation indica-dominant hybrid can reach up to 20% in THC content. Its incredible potency is foreshadowed by its frosty resin, rich in THC. As you burn this herb and breathe in the fruity flavour, you will be captivated by its intense high. A very good strain if both quality and quantity are important factors for you. This one stands out as a fine example of BSB Genetics' commitment to excellence.


Auto Strawberry Milkshake (BSB Genetics)

Auto Strawberry Milkshake is a nicely balanced, autoflowering hybrid. Its delicious fruity aroma comes from parent plants Dark Devil and Black Cream, producing a robust and powerful cannabis strain and one of the sweetest strains out there.

The delightful fragrance of strawberry and citrus will add to the sensual enjoyment of its relaxing high; relaxing for your muscles at any rate. Your mind may find itself particularly active and playful. It offers one hell of a reward after an 8-week life cycle. BSB Genetics have found most phenotypes to produce purple and even red buds and leaves; beautifully vivid colours on cannabis plants, but rare to find. Until now.


Free Seeds With Every BSB Genetics Order

Each of these strains sounds mouth-watering in its own way, however, they are just the tip of the iceberg. BSB Genetics boasts an impressive catalogue presenting cannabis strains from all corners of the globe. Some of these are hard to track down, yet here they are, in one expertly organized catalogue. It's a point of pride for BSB Genetics that they have something to offer for everyone.

As an extra gift to our customers and courtesy of BSB Genetics, Zamnesia will add free BSB seeds to all orders with BSB Genetics: two free seeds with every pack of five seeds purchased. This offer applies while supplies last, so order your own before they are snatched away!

Please note: The BSB Genetics free seed promotion runs from March 16th 2018 through March 30th 2018, or for as long as supplies last.

Adam Parsons
Adam Parsons
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