Apollo Black Cherry (Seedstockers Superior)

Apollo Black Cherry is a perfectly balanced hybrid. She grows just as well indoors as outdoors, and her beautiful, fiery buds boast a big cherry aroma and relaxing, balanced effects that can be enjoyed at any time of day. Available as feminized or regular seeds.

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Number of seeds: 3 (feminized) € 44,90
  • Number of seeds: 3 (feminized) € 44,90
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Number of seeds: 3 (feminized) € 44,90 In stock
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Seedstockers Superior - Apollo Black Cherry: A Balanced Hybrid Perfect for Beginner Growers

Apollo Black Cherry is a unique Cali strain that came about through a collaboration between Humboldt Seeds and Seedstockers. A three-way cross between Apollo 13, Black Cherry Cheesecake, and Cherry AK47, this strain boasts a complex cherry aroma and balanced grow traits that make it suitable for indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse grows. This cultivar is available in both feminized and regular form, which makes it suitable for all manner of growers.

Apollo Black Cherry seeds germinate efficiently and rapidly grow into strong seedlings. As she vegetates, you'll see Apollo Black Cherry develop broad, dark green leaves and a strong stem/side branches. Her vigorous growth and stable genetics make her a great candidate for topping and LST, especially during the early weeks of vegetative growth, as well as defoliation and other training and pruning methods. Apollo Black Cherry typically takes 9 weeks to flower, and its yields are considerable (although they can vary depending on your growing style and setup).

Come harvest time, Apollo Black Cherry will reward you with dense, sticky, bright green buds laced with fiery red pistils and beautiful dark hues. Her aroma is dominated by the smell of ripe, dark cherries with earthy and spicy undertones. Light her up, and Apollo Black Cherry will hit you with a relaxing, balanced effect brought on by her unique mix of terpenes and medium THC concentration (14–22%). In moderation, Apollo Black Cherry makes for a great daytime smoke, and in larger doses can serve as the perfect nightcap to unwind with before bed.

Apollo Black Cherry (Seedstockers Superior) data sheet
Brand Seedstockers Superior
Genetics Indica/Sativa
Parents Apollo 13 x Black Cherry Cheesecake x Cherry AK47
Flowering Time 9-10 weeks
THC 22%
Yield (Indoor) High
Yield (Outdoor) High
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Sex Feminized, Regular
*Specified by breeder when grown under ideal circumstances
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Apollo Black Cherry (Seedstockers Superior)
Apollo Black Cherry (Seedstockers Superior)