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Have your cannabis plants almost finished flowering? These weed microscopes are perfect for checking trichomes to ensure you harvest your buds at the right time and get the effects you're looking for. Alternatively, these pocket microscopes are also great to have on hand during a smoking session so you can adore your flowers up-close before they go up in smoke. From trichome microscopes to focus jars, you'll find the perfect weed microscope below. Remember to check back with us regularly, as we constantly update our stock with the latest gear and accessories. Also, remember to review the microscope you buy to help other users find the perfect microscope based on their needs.

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Carson MicroBrite Plus Pocket Microscope

The MicroBrite Plus Pocket Microscope is a lightweight scope that will fit in your pocket. Take it with you around the grow space and use its 60–120X magnification to get to know your plants on a deeper level.

€ 18,95
In stock

Dank420 Focus Jar

The Focus Jar by Dank 420 is perfect for showing off your best strains. A 5x magnifier and white LED lights also make this glass jar an invaluable tool for observing the curing process of your buds.

€ 18,95
In stock

Carson MicroFlip MP-250

If you're serious about your home-grown plants, this is one accessory you won't want to live without. This high-quality portable microscope will help you keep track of the health and growing stage of your plants, with some exciting and unique features you won't see on a standard microscope. Check out what the MicroFlip MP-250 from Carson has to offer.

€ 26,95
In stock

Bud-O-Scope 30X-60X Zoom

In order to have the most potent end product it is crucial to harvest the buds at the right time. To determine the best moment, it is recommended to monitor the state of the resin glands - and this is when a magnifying glass comes handy. At 60x (and under a strong LED light) you will be able to tell when your plants are ready for the axe without touching the precious fruits.

€ 11,95
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Bud-O-Scope (60-100x)

This simple, yet practical, microscope magnifies objects 60 to 100 times, thus even tiniest details are shown extremely enlarged. It comes with a LED light, so the examined object is properly exposed. The two rotary knobs on it are used to control the focus and magnification. The microscope is great for checking the trichomes of your plants to determine if they are ready to be harvested.

€ 18,75
Out of stock

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