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In 2001, a small group of dedicated medical breeders and cultivators who did not want to follow the trodden paths of the rest of the industry established TGA Subcool to leave their very own trail in the world of medical marijuana breeding. Instead of feminizing their seeds or creating autoflowering varieties by crossing regular strains with Ruderalis, they only offer organically produced medical cannabis seeds. By relying on information and specific data from thousands of medical cannabis growers they turned into reality what they called "open source breeding" and looking at the high potency of their varieties it is plain to see that they really know what they are doing. Now, over a dozen years after the foundation of The Dank Seeds (formerly known as TGA Subcool) they have a wide array of varieties. Subcool and MzJill, The Weed Nerd and The Green Avengers even composed their own "Super Soil" and fertilizer.

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Jack The Ripper (The Dank) regular

Jack The Ripper is comprised of a combination of not less than seven different cannabis varieties! And more than one of those is widely known; the legendary Northern Lights, the renowned Jack Herer and the famed Romulan for example. This killer weed has a well deserved name - it sneaks up to you and then cuts through your train of thought with no mercy. Remarkably heavy resin production.

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Querkle (The Dank) regular

Querkle is a fantastic combination of a female Urkle and a male Space Queen with a slightly faster growth then her mother and an almost unbelievably high THC level. This Indica dominant purple beauty should be allowed to remain in her vegetative period for longer than usual varieties because she is still not the fastest, but the high yield is a great reimbursement for the extra time.


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Vortex (The Dank) regular

Vortex is definitely a one and done strain - one hit and you are on your way. The jury at the High Times Medical Cup agreed when they awarded it as Best Sativa in 2010. The Dank obviously has his favorites and Vortex is the offspring of two of them. He crossed Apollo 13 and Space Queen, both varieties with high potency and copious amounts of resin.


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9 Pound Hammer (TGA Subcool by JinxProof) regular

The name of this strain could be a warning and promise alike. 9 Pound Hammer is an Indica dominant plant with an extreme resin production, very short flowering period and highly potent buds. The pleasant taste and aroma make it a delicate natural painkiller and soporific. This smoke will hit you like a hammer! Great candidate for BHO production.

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Mothertongue (TGA Subcool by JinxProof) regular

Mothertongue combines the renowned genetics of TGA Subcool's Electric Watermelon with those of J.O.G. Kush, creating an extremely energetic OG with a great uplifting daytime high, and a sweet, spicy flavour profile. To top it all off, Mothertongue has a reasonably short flowering time of 56-60 days, and is able to produce some very heavy yields of dank bud!

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Qleaner (TGA Subcool) regular

Qleaner by TGA Subcool has the potential to produce such an abundance of crystal clear trichomes that you could think the buds spend some time in a blizzard. And as if this would not be enough for your dazzled eyes, the buds can show a partly change of colors, taking on lilac/purple hues. To add even more color to the already attractive look, the leafs can turn to midnight-purple.

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Information TGA Subcool

TGA Subcool Logo

A skilled group of medical growers wanted their own legitimate selection of exceptional cannabis that didn't have, didn't have, didn't have the hype associated with so many seed companies today. Subcool wanted to develop a range of medical marijuana whose respected status relied on quality and a gangsta rep, not marketing. That's why they don't sell seeds and only produce great product.

Crunching the grow data from an open source breeding program that enlisted the experience of thousands of growers worldwide led to the selection of the best genetics available.

In 2001 thirty seven distinct hybrids of high end superb recreational and therapeutic cannabis were released. Globally tested by discerning medical users the reputation of these strains are guaranteed by effect not slick advertising.

There are a number of names names in the Subcool range that have become synonymous with great ganja for the medical and recreational enthusiast.
Putting their rep where their philosophy is has seen TGA Subcool seeds receive a number of awards from an ardent cannabis community.


Packaging TGA Subcool

Subcool seeds are presented in a graphic covered foldout cardboard matchbook style package with seed ID on the back. A stoppered glass vial cleverly concealed in the fold holds your seeds. If you don't use all your seeds the vial is super efficient for longterm storage, but be sure to remember where you store it because it is very tiny. Don't lose the stopper!


Years of breeding experience are evident in the prolific range of cannabis species available by Subcool at TGA genetics. Consistent quality and strengths across distinctively varied cannabis species shows a replete understanding of the art of growing top shelf contemporary marijuana.

Jack the Ripper

Jack The Ripper TGA Subcool

Jack the Ripper-is the flagship haze hybrid whose spear shaped colas look and smell like they have been dipped in lemon sherbet. A troubles free grow this sativa dominant hybrid is an analgesic of the first order. It is one of those tricksy plants that looks quite average, but packs a slow-mo punch that flicks all the right switches. Although never having won a prize this strain has a prize winning lineage and a solid underground rep with growers loving the short 8 week flowering period. Outcrossing a Jacks Cleaner female with a Spacequeen male before backcrossing to the JCf1 is at the heart of this 70% sativa/30%indica quick growing hybrid.


Vortex TGA School

Vortex-is juicily sativa dominant with uplifting and pain relieving therapeutic effects. It deservedly won High Times best medical sativa in 2010 and has been world class for ten years having been in High Times top ten strains in 2007. This Apollo-13 x Space Queen, 80%sativa/20%indica hybrid might not have huge yields and may not be super stable but its effects make it a must for any connoisseurs collection.  The lineage of this strain is unquestioned with illustrious grandparents like Shiva Skunk and Northern Lights.

Agent Orange

Agent Orange TGA Subcool

Agent Orange-is a 50/50 hybrid that seems to languish until the last few weeks of flowering when an incredible rush of resinous weight is accumulated and yields skyrocket. Dried and cured to perfection the high limonene content and distinctive citrus flavours almost fizz on the tongue. Even trimming can be overwhelming with sinus stinging volatile compounds quickly filling the air. A three way cross between a NorCal Orange Skunk, a Jacks Cleaner and a Space Queen this plant can get to over three metres outdoors. Even the fussiest of indoor growers will be impressed with yields from well topped and trained bushses after 55 days of flowering. Third for the Sativa Cup at the2012, 420 IC Growers Cup and still going strong Agent Orange is quickly becoming a contemporary classic.

Professor Chaos

Professor Chaos TGA Subcool

Professor Chaos-one parent, Mad Scientist, deservedly won back-to-back 1st Place Overall in the 2011 and 2012 Oregon Medical Cannabis Awards. The other parent, Jack the Ripper, is an underground legend. If you need off the couch pain relief, then you will appreciate the smiling mental mind buzz and analgesic properties of this delicious hybrid. Chronic pain sufferers will be delighted at having energy once more with Professor Chaos kicking lethargy out the back door. A giddy lineage of the greatest names in cannabis breeding has produced a sativa dominant marijuana strain with get up and go for those who need organic anodynes to make it through the day.

The boys at Mendo Dope grow Subcool seeds and their trees are super dope, dope.


Subcool not only produce some amazing cannabis they also have a distinctive flare for design. Receiving a second place for best booth at the 2013 SoCal High Times Cannabis Cup and a third in NorCal that same year. When you have pride in and enjoy doing what you do it shows in the high quality of product and presentation that you gift to the world. Subcool fronts with quality and class where results speak for themselves.