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Psicodelicia (Sweet Seeds) feminized

 5/5 (6)

    Very sweet taste
    Smaller nugz with many side branches - but very dense and very glistering! Many fruity strains have some gas/sourness this really didn't: It had some interesting peppery/herbal notes in the background dominated by sweetness fruityness. I probably would have bought it again but I found Hawaii x Maui Waui from Nirvana to be superior in yield and fuit flavour.

    F. K.

    Best service ever
    Arrived within very few days. All the seeds germated within a week, now growing perfectly and I can't wait to sample the final result.

    M. H.

    Juste énorme, un goût juste délicieux et une odeur de dingue après un bon curing

    J. B.

    3 von 3 Samen gekeimt... Super gut gewachsen, bleiben eher relativ klein. Das Gras schmeckt ausserordentlich gut und ist auch sehr stark!

    F. W.
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