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Soma SeedsThere are 5 cannabis strains

Soma is a 57 Year old Rastafarian man famous for his marijuana growing skills. Earlier on in his life Soma worked for the multi billion dollar company IBM in New York city working in the mail department. At 18 he was introduced to the wonder world of marijuana and its been part of his daily life ever since. In the early seventies Soma began to grow his own cannabis after running his own vegetarian based bakery and restaurant and this led him to have a better understanding of his diet and healthy ways to live. This way of living made him become more environmentally friendly and helped in his “green” marijuana growing techniques. This wonderful drug led Soma to develop a number of different interests that he wouldn't have normally be involved in and it helped open his mind to trying different things. He credited his use in marijuana to help him evolve as and individual and he made it a part of his life in every which way he could. While Soma disagreed with the politics in marijuana laws he decided to dedicate a large portion of his life to using this plant. He has a prescription for 10 grams a day and wears clothing made of it, not to mention he has many published works on eco friendly way of growing his plants. Soma is a pioneer in the environmentally way of growing and continues to be well known for his work throughout the world.