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CBD SeedsThere are 22 cannabis strains

CBD Seeds was established to offer classic strains in their original form. With all the new hybrids circulating the EU market, the team at CBD Seeds decided to preserve the dankest genetics of the iconic strains that ushered cannabis breeding into the modern age.

After meeting many professionals with profound and extensive experience in the fields of breeding, feminisation, and hybridisation, the CBD Seeds team was able to collect a catalogue of first genetics with phenotypes that displayed the quintessential traits of each strain. This was in effort to retain the unique, retro flavours and effects of old-school cultivars. Upon developing this intriguing and robust archive of strains, CBD Seeds turned their attention to the immediate concerns of the European consumer. Given a sharp rise in demand for autoflowering varieties, CBD Seeds decided to offer all their strains in auto format, and was one of the first seedbanks to do so.

And of course, it couldn’t be called CBD Seeds if there were no CBD-rich strains. Although all their original strains contained some CBD, the levels were significantly lower than many modern CBD-rich strains. As a response, the team created an arsenal of high-CBD strains designed specifically for the medicinal user.

Committed to providing the highest-quality genetics, CBD Seeds ensures that all seeds are thoroughly inspected and secured before delivery. In addition to the seeds themselves, CBD Seeds takes business seriously by incorporating technical support, graphic designers, and webmasters to the team. The goal of this seedbank is not only to be known for their quality, but also their professional design and after-sale service.

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