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CBD SeedsThere are 22 cannabis strains

CBD Seeds has been established to offer the classic strains in original quality. After meeting many professionals with profound and extensive experience in the field of breeding, creating feminized seeds of varieties and quality orientated crossing, they decided to push open another door, incorporating their technical, graphic designers and webmasters to the team. Their aim is to become a seed bank people refer to in regards to product quality, its design and the after sales service. Creating a classic genetic line was the first part of their Mission - utilizing seeds with genetics that gave birth to legends years ago. Task accomplished - their classic line is characterized by intoxicating unique gems with the aromas and flavors of the good old times. With the growing demand of autoflowering varieties, the next step was clear - creating autoflowering strains from the ones they had created. Task accomplished - their autoflowering line is represented by revolutionary varieties that are hard to rival. Step 3 and the final one to accomplish their mission: the creation of medicinal marijuana with high CBD levels using both their classic and autoflowering genetics while carefully following the latest medical and scientific studies about cannabis. The results are very convincing and help with pain relieving, body relaxation, lack of appetite and much more ... Mission accomplished.