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ACE SeedsThere are 15 cannabis strains

A.C.E. Seeds is a community of cannabis breeders and connoisseurs dedicated to the study and preservation of this marvelous plant and to help maintain and preserve biodiversity. Furthermore they believe in the medicinal value of cannabinoid and its versatility as a remedy - the benefits of cannabinoids have not been thoroughly studied yet. A.C.E. Seeds' goal is to counteract the lack of genetic diversity caused by loss of natural habitats, prohibition of research, genetic contamination and loss of ancestral cultures. Therefore they want to share their pure, fresh and different genetics from all around the world with all growers in the most varied place in the world. A.C.E. Seeds is always good for a surprise - every now and then they come up with exceptional stock limited ACE's from their private collections.


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Ace Seeds

ACE Seeds prides themselves on producing the highest quality cannabis genetics. They take the study of the plant's genetic, medical, and cultural history very seriously. Biodiversity is not just important for ecological reasons; appreciating the diversity of cannabis has allowed ACE Seeds to identify new and exciting combinations for growers of all types. Their breeding of different landraces has produced some unique, knockout strains. Furthermore, the team at ACE regularly publish cannabinoid and terpene analyses of the seeds in their catalogue to ensure consistency and transparency. Time for you to explore the seeds on offer from breeders who care about excellence.

Packaging Ace Seeds

Seeds from the ACE bank are cared for throughout every step of the process. It is vital that seeds are not damaged in transit. They must also be kept at a consistent temperature of 4ºC in order to be viable. ACE Seeds is conscious of their environmental impact and the safety of the seeds. Their technological solution is a cardboard casing that keeps seeds from physical harm and moderates their temperature.
Ace Seeds blister packs of seeds are offered in quantities of 3 seeds.

Ace Seeds Awards

Awards Ace Seeds

ACE Seeds also has a track record in competitive growing. Cultivation competitions are starting to emerge all over the world. ACE has been making their quality known through the numerous awards they have collected over the years. Some examples of award-winning genetics include:

AwardOrient Express


• 2nd place Best Sativa, Arizona Medical Cannabis Industry Awards, 2013

Vietnam Black is a very powerful sativa strain. Combine it with the indica China Yunnan and you have a really impressive hybrid called Orient Express. Combining these two classics of the Far East results in the balanced high of Orient Express, with a 60/40 skewing towards sativa properties. Within eight to ten weeks, it will bloom with the overpowering smell of a rain forest. The subtle floral details in its rich aroma accompany an energising, euphoric high that banishes fatigue. Clear the head with a sensuous taste of humid rain forests in Southeast Asia. Bring that experience to you with a resilient strain that’s even been known to grow in cold parts of Europe.

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Orient Express


• 1st prize Outdoor Category, Balearic Cup, 2016

This strain was named for the unbelievable purple in its colour. This is the result of cross-breeding two very purple strains for this spectacular hybrid. The African sativa purple Malawi gives a sizzling cerebral high. The Pakistani Chitral Kush is one of the world’s most powerful and sweetly aromatic indicas. Their effects have combined in Violeta with a 60/40 skewing towards indica properties. The smooth, balanced high comes with a balsamic aroma tinged with sweet berries and fruit. This pleasing smoke is easy to achieve with such a stable plant. Adaptable to indoor and outdoor growing, this plant will flower in two months.

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