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Ministry of CannabisThere are 17 cannabis strains

Ministry of Cannabis is a project run by people with a long and deep affiliation with cannabis. Each of the company's founders has over 10 years of experience related to the field. The breeders at Ministry of Cannabis have been involved with or worked for the most renowned seed companies in this industry. The company has test and production rooms in 3 different countries and strives to make the world a little greener.

The main goal of Ministry of Cannabis is to deliver only the best to their customers. Their two guidelines are as follows: 1. They want to ensure there are always female seeds of the classic cannabis strains like White Widow, Haze, Skunk, etc available. 2. They want to provide a steady supply of the newly developed strains that breeders create with each passing year. In 2008, Ministry of Cannabis began offering regular and feminized versions of their autoflowering and photoperiod seeds; but in 2009, they switched over to exclusively feminized versions. Ministry of Cannabis strives to continually update their seed range, while never forgetting to keep in touch with their customers.