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Joint Roller RAW Plastic 110MM

 4.5/5 (53)

    Love! But they keep breaking
    I love these rollers and can't live without them. Wish I could say it instead of them though. I just added another 3 to my order because they keep.breaking! Maybe I'm just too rough or something. But sooner or later a tear appears and when I want to roll a joint that tear folds in and freezes the roller up. So yeah I don't expect them to last a lifetime. But I do wish they would last longer

    R. E.

    top super pratique

    S. D.

    Goede kwaliteit
    nieuw model rolt dikkere tegen over oud model: 6mm tegenover 4mm oud model.

    R. A.

    Easy Use for everyone
    Perfekt für jeden geeignet, der sich selbst mal eine Zigarette Drehen möchte oder für jede Kräuterzugabe. Es ist schnell und einfach in der Handhabung selbst für Neulinge kann dieses Tool einen Perfektes Ergebnis erzeugen.

    W. Z.

    Really good
    I cannot roll myself so this is very handy. Easy to use and make good joints.

    C. M.

    Perfect for those slow to roll a joint. Thanks to this tool, it's fast and efficient. The only negative point is that it only rolls very thin joints.

    N. A.

    Schönes Spielzeug für Frauen : )
    Hatte das Gerät für meine Freundin geholt und muss sagen,Sie freut sich. Für Personen von großen Zigaretten ists aber eher nichts,da diese eher fester gedreht werden,statt die schöne konische Form. Aber wie erwähnt,meine Freundin freut sich.

    S. W.

    Perfect for Beginners
    It’s easy to use and the price is more than cheap for a life long product like this!

    L. E.

    Très pratique!!
    Ayant un souci de motricité, cet appareil m'aide beaucoup!! Seul inconvénient c'est qu'à la longue, la couture se casse.

    M. L.

    Rollatore RAW per joint
    Funziona perfettamente per me che ho problemi a rollare. Indispensabile.

    M. F.

    Fonctionne parfaitement.

    A. C.

    Comodo ed economico

    M. C.

    Nice tool.

    D. H.

    ça le fait grave, j'aurai bien aimé en petit format (régular), produit recyclé (c'est bon pour la planette), le prix plus que bien, la légereté. top

    F. F.

    Qualité excellente Parfait et rapide

    J. M.

    Na ja
    Kommt in Zigaretten Form, nicht in Joint form

    S. K.

    Je n'ai pas eu encore l'occasion de l'utiliser, mais il me semble être de bonne qualité et efficace.

    N. L.

    Nice product
    Bought it for my mum who has trouble rolling, you do need to get the hang of it, it's a bit tricky at first . But still i good product

    L. K.

    Qualité excellente
    Parfait et rapide

    K. C.

    très pratique lorsque qu'on veut fumer sans savoir rouler vraiment au top

    G. P.

    Dunne stickies
    Makkelijker te gebruiken maar wel dunne jointes ..

    J. S.

    Good roller
    It's a nice alternative if you can't roll.

    L. D.

    Nice to have roller. i find it a bit slim but works excelent

    K. K.

    good product
    Gute Ergebnisse, gerade kleine und geschmeidige Zigaretten

    F. K.

    Only if you really want something eco friendly.
    The regular plastic ones are better in use. 3 stars only because it's eco friendly.

    J. N.

    très bien
    très bon rouleur taille parfaite et plastique non conventionnel

    T. V.

    Good roller
    I always struggled with making a good joint, because I don't smoke a lot. This has made the task a lot easier. I took some time to correctly use it, but after that it is very smooth to use.

    R. D.

    Faut s’y habituer
    Faut le faire un certain nombre de fois pour pendre l’habitude. C’est compliqué au début, le filtre pas assez serré etc... mais on s’y habitue

    S. C.

    Goede kwaliteit
    Goede kwaliteit maar waneer te vol soms moeilijk te rollen voor de rest zeer tevreden

    B. V.

    Great Roller
    Easy to use and thin J‘s. Even Hemp Papes working on it

    L. W.

    Love it
    Straight joints, not cones! Perfect

    Y. L.

    Awesome product
    Really good and easy to use.

    K. V.

    Practical but REALLY packed
    Does what it's supposed to do. The J's are really thin and straight (pinners), thinner than a pencil. If you put more spices in it, it will just be tighter and not bigger. You can put 1g of spices in it and roll it really tight, it'll be as hard as a stick. Don't pack it too tight!

    S. V.

    useful gadget
    Does its job and makes really nicely packed j's. Sometimes some of the weed will stick to the machine while rolling or the paper gets messed up in a way that the glue is on the inside rather than sealing the j. Otherwise really satisfied

    J. V.

    De JOINT ROLLER doet wat hij moet doen. Handig apparaat werkt prima voor de onervaren joint draaier.

    B. S.

    Great roller tool
    This is a piece of equipment that everyone need from time to time. The easy rolling, regardless of experience is lovely. And Oh...My..Gawd! Those big fatty smokes that comes out are perfect.

    M. T.

    Good product
    Works well, apart from the occasional time that the paper doesn't roll around it properly (which has only happened twice since the time I started using the roller), or when the paper doesn't stick well (which happened about two times too). Apart from that it's a great device to make standard joints. I would recommend it to anyone who can't roll joints but still wants to on their own.

    R. V.

    Très bon produit
    Facile d'utilisation, je le recommande pour ceux qui n'ont jamais su rouler un pet correct !

    J. L.

    Très pratique quand ont ne sais pas rouler ou que l'ont veut faire autre chose en même temps. Attention quand meme à ne pas le faire tomber car la partie fixe et assez fragile j'en et casser 2. Donc attention.. Un conseil pour rouler un joint pas trop serrée. Ne l enrouler pas jusqu'au bout arrêter vous à la colle et terminer à la main. Thx Zamnesia ! : )

    N. L.

    Der Preis den man zahlen muss wird seinem nutzen gerecht! Für unterwegs ist es sehr praktisch. Meine Raw Paps kleben nur meistens nicht so gut und drehen sich auseinander :(

    M. S.

    This ia an amazing device! Everyone who can't roll a good joint should have one.!!!!!

    O. B.

    good product,little problems
    It worked as it should but there are a few problems: You can't change the sizes of the "joints" and another problem: If you don't roll the foil constantly the joints get crinkly.

    K. T.

    utilissimo e comodo!!!se sei di fretta questo attrezzo fa per te!!!grandi!!!

    R. M.

    This is a really good product. If you are bad at rolling this would be a great product for you to buy. the only problem i had with this was making big joints i were only able too make spliffs with it, but it still worked.

    P. C.
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