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It’s sad we know, but because not everyone shares our enthusiasm for mind expansion, and because some organisations believe they have a right to tell you what you can and cannot consume, there’s a need for self-test and test-beating substances. Get your drug tests here.

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This completely synthetic clean urine passes almost all common laboratory tests. The results will yield all parameters one would expect from the urine of a healthy and sober person and just like real human urine, it becomes visible in UV light. Can be used discreetly at any time without further preparation. Content: 25ml


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EZ Test Ecstasy

EZ Test Ecstasy is an easy test to ascertain wether a tablet or powder contains MDMA. Since street drugs like XTC are often cut with other substances, and EZ Test Ecstasy is an effective test to identify potentially dangerous ingredients.


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ScreenyWeeny 5.0

The ScreenyWeeny fake penis from CleanU looks incredibly life-like, is easy to use, and compact. With the Weeny’s ‘Push and Piss’ function and realistic appearance (light skin, dark skin and circumcised versions), you can use it as if it were your own. 2x 70ml infusion bags containing clean synthetic urine are included.


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EZ Test Cocaine Cuts

EZ Test Cocaine Cuts does NOT react with cocaine itself! But it's highly reliable in detecting cocaine cuts like Levamisole (an anti-worm medicine for horses and cows), Phenacetine or (Pseudo)-Ephedrine (a cheap stimulant). You can't trust anyone but friends...


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EZ Test Cocaine Purity Test

Your dealer brags about his stuff and how pure it is? Put his word to the test, with EZ Test Cocaine Purity Test (formerly EZ Test White). This test let's you determine the purity of cocaine (and honesty of your dealer) within seconds. Uses no dangerous reagents, is user friendly and highly sensitive.


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EZ Test THC is a quick test to determine the presence of THC in Hash, Marijuana and Hash oil. All you need is a sample of your smoking mixture, a catalyst and the phial with reagent. Sensitive, easy to use and reliable.


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EZ Test Cocaine & Crack Cocaine

EZ Test Cocaine & Crack Cocaine is a neat tool to examine wether a substance contains Cocaine, Crack Cocaine, 5-MeO MiPT, MDPV. To increase profit, many dealers cut their product with other (sometimes dangerous) agents. This test helps you find out how trustworthy your dealer is...


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EZ Test Ketamine

EZ Test Ketamine is a user friendly test to reliably check for the presence of Ketamine. It also detects the presence of Ecstasy (MDMA), (Meth)Amphetamine, 2-AI, Methylphenidate/Ritalin and PMA/PMMA. Displays results within only a few minutes.


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EZ Test LSD and Indoles

EZ Test LSD and Indoles is a one step test to determine wether a substance contains LSD or or other Indoles. Got a new dealer or you are insecure how trustworthy he is? This quick test can give you certainty ...


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CleanU ScreenUrin Set 2.0 (also for women)

For what reason ever you might need it, the ScreenUrin set is an easy-to-use strap-around thermal bag that contains synthetic urine that will pass all conventional tests. This set can also be used by women.

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EZ Test MDMA Purity

Buying Ecstasy can be like playing the lottery - you never know if you draw a blank. In many cases it is cut with other substances and sometimes it can be almost pure, so you are always left in the dark regarding the purity of the product you acquired. Use this test to quickly check the purity of the MDMA in your sample. Content: 1 Test


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EZ Test Heroin Purity

Shore 10 by itself is dangerous enough already, but what really wreaks havoc are the cutting agents used to lace it, so it is essential to know the purity of the acquired product. Use this test to quickly check the purity of the ballot in your sample. Add 20mg to the vial and check the change of color to yellow/orange - the darker the result, the higher the purity. Content: 1 Test


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ScreenUrin Refill Pack

With this completely synthetic urine you can beat almost all common laboratory tests - the results will show all parameters of the urine of a healthy and sober person. This refill pack is compatible with ScreenyWeeny and the ScreenUrin Set. Looks just like real human urine in UV light.

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Quick Flush

Quick Flush not only helps cleanse the body, it will also deliver a boost of energy and make you feel right as rain. Although this great product supports your detoxification, it does not guarantee that you will pass a drug test! All ingredients are absolutely natural.


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Kleaner Urea Synthetic Urine (30ml)

Kleaner Urea Synthetic Urine provides you with all the possibilities of the real thing, but with one big advantage. Unlike your own urine, it doesn’t contain any impurities or pollutants. It comes in a small and handy plastic bottle that you can quickly and easily open with one click. Kleaner Urea Synthetic Urine keeps for more than 30 months. Contains bottle with 30ml of synthetic...


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Urine Drug Test

Using these sensitive urine drug testing strips means never being caught. Be confident in your drug screening results in advance for a number of substances.

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This alcohol-based liquid contains herbal extracts that freshen the mouth and body for up to an hour afterwards. But be warned that it can interfere with ‘medical tests’ such as saliva swabs and give false negatives. Differs from regular deodorants in killing the bacteria responsible for revealing that you might have forbidden substances inside your body. Nudge nudge.


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Open Your Eyes

Banish red eye! A couple of drops of Open Your Eyes in each eye soothes and revitalizes red, sore or uncomfortable eyes caused by smoky environments, extended computer work or contact lenses. Uses a soft natural mix of herbal extracts such as camomile and eyebright.


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