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Best Strains Netherlands

Struggling to grow great weed in Holland due to the climate? In this article, we'll provide you with a hand-picked list of strains and grow tips to help you grow a killer crop anywhere in the country.

Holland boasts a temperate maritime climate characterized by cool summers and moderate winters.

Average daytime temperatures vary from 2°C to 6°C in Winter and 17°C to 20°C in Summer. In autumn and winter, strong atlantic low-pressure systems can cause strong gales and wet weather to sweep through the country.

Easterly winds can sometimes cause warm and dry weather in Summer as well as clear, cold weather in Winter.

Rainfall is pretty evenly distributed across the country, and the driest period of the year is usually between April and September.

These conditions may sound far from optimal for any outdoor growers looking to grow cannabis in The Netherlands. However, we stock a vast variety of strains that will flourish in the Dutch climate.

These strains have been expertly bred by some of the most talented breeders in the industry. In this article, we’ll feature some of the best strains to grow in The Netherlands and tell you just how to get your hands on them for your next grow op.

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Before we take a look at some individual cannabis strains suited to Holland’s climate, it’s important to consider whether you’ll be growing in a coastal region or inland.

Netherlands Cannabis Growing

Growing close to the ocean can be difficult. Some of the main difficulties you’re likely to encounter when growing near the coast are;
- Bud rot. The climate near the ocean is generally more humid, which can be a problem when plants start to produce buds. Without enough air circulation and heat, your buds may begin to rot.
- Poor sunlight. Some coastal regions can get cloudy and foggy, which means plants may not get the necessary sunlight they need to grow properly.

However, it is far from impossible to grow high-quality weed along the Dutch coast. We suggest you only plant resilient outdoor strains that’ll be able to cope with tough conditions. We’ll name a few later on in this article.

Secondly, we also suggest spending extra time in preparing your grow site. Be sure to remove anything that could block out sunlight (such as overhanging branches from trees, or things like fences and gates).

Also make sure you’ve prepared some nutrient rich soil by using natural fertilizers (such as bat guano, worm castings, bone meal) and compost prior to starting your grow.

For optimal results, it’s a good idea to test your soil prior to planting for pH balance, nutrient content, and more.

Finally, some growers also suggest sticking to sativa strains, when growing outdoors along the coast, as these strains are less susceptible to bud rot because they usually have smaller, looser buds. However, we have no evidence to suggest this is true.


So, you know all about the weather in The Netherlands, you've prepared your outdoor grow area using the tips above, and you’ve taken into account the difference between growing near the ocean and inland. Now it’s time to pick which strain to grow.

Below we’ve put together a handpicked list of the best strains to grow outdoors in The Netherlands.

We’ve decided to only include auto and feminized seeds in this list as they are the simplest for growing in Holland’s cold climate. If you prefer, you can use any regular version of the below strains available through our site.

However, growing regular seeds in a cold climate is no easy task; we suggest leaving that to the experts.


Autoflowering cannabis seeds are ideal for inexperienced growers looking to tackle Holland’s tough climate for the first time. These seeds have been expertly bred to flower within a certain time period, rather than within a certain photoperiod.

This means growers don’t have to worry about keeping close tabs on how much light their plants are exposed to and manipulating those times to force their plants to flower.


Royal Dwarf Royal Queen Seeds

As the name suggests, this is a true dwarf plant that’s perfect for novice growers. It boasts a short flowering time of only 8-9 weeks, and grows to easy-to-manage heights of only 50-90cm. Best of all, all Royal Dwarf plants produce solid harvest (roughly 80 grams) of rock hard, resin-rich buds packing roughly 15% THC.


Northern Lights XL Zambeza Seeds

This is an epic cross between the iconic Northern Light Strain, a powerful indica, and Power Bud, a legendary hybrid. Growing to roughly 90-120cm, these plants produce big yields of up to 200 grams per plant in just 9-10 weeks. These buds are super resinous, and produce a nice cerebral high underlined by subtle, full body relaxation.


Critical+ Automatic Dinafem

Critical+ is famous for producing big yields of resinous, THC-rich buds. A cross between the original Critical+ by Dinafem with ruderalis, these plants flower in roughly 10 weeks and are able to produce roughly 100 grams of beautiful flowers. Best of all, the plant’s only grow to about 85cm tall, making them super easy to manage.


Feminized seeds have been expertly bred to ensure no male chromosomes are left in the seeds. This means you have almost no chance of ruining your crop with a male invader, and one less thing to worry during your grow op.


Holland's Hope Dutch Passion

Created by Dutch Passion, this is arguably one of the best strains to grow in The Netherlands. It has been successfully bred and stabilized by DP’s expert breeders to withstand Holland’s harsh climate without sacrificing on yield or quality. These plants grow to anywhere between 1-2 metres and can flower in as little as 9 weeks and produce yields upwards of 100 grams per plant.


Frisian Dew Dutch Passion

Dutch Passion’s Frisian Dew has been expertly bred to flourish in outdoor conditions. They are also super mold resistant, making them ideal for growers living close to the coast or in regions that get a lot of fog and rain. A 50-50 strain between Super Skunk and Purple Star, Frisian Dew produces delicious buds with high concentrations of both THC and CBD in just 7-8 weeks.


Early Skunk Sensi Seeds

This strain is highly sought-after by both novice and veteran growers. In as little as 7 weeks, these plants are able to resin-rich buds that pack a big, indica-dominant punch. Thanks to its lineage (a cross between Early Pearl and Skunk #1), Early Skunk is also super resilient to mold and fungus attacks, making it another great choice for anyone growing along Holland’s coast.


Freeze Cheese Big Buddha Seeds

Freeze Cheese, a creation by Big Buddha seeds, boasts a legendary lineage. As a cross between Cheese and Friesland Indica, a classic strain invented in Holland in the 80s, this is the perfect variety for anyone looking for blast into the past. These plants flower in roughly 8-10 weeks and produce great yields.


Bangi Haze ACE Seeds

If you’re more of a sativa fan, this is the strain for you. A 70% dominant sativa strain by ACE Seeds, this strains produces a creative, uplifting, and euphoric cerebral high treasured by stoners across the globe. Like most other strains in this list, it flowers in just 9-10 weeks and produces solid yields. Best of all, the buds contain an average of 15-20% THC. What more could you want?


White Widow Zamnesia

White Widow is one of the few cannabis strains to achieve global fame. Packing a powerful, balanced punch that combines uplifting cerebral effects with deep, full-body relaxation, this strain should be in everyone’s herb garden. Plants grow to roughly 60-100cm, and produce yields around the 100g mark.


Himalaya Gold Greenhouse Seeds

Last on our list of top strains to grow in The Netherlands is this creation by Greenhouse Seeds. A 50-50 hybrid, this strain features Nepalese and North Indian parents. Plants can grow as tall as 240cm and produce massive yields of over 1kg in just 8 weeks. The final product contains roughly 12.5% THC and a solid 0.25% CBD.


When growing cannabis in The Netherlands, we always suggest germinating seeds in the middle of May.

Remember to always germinate your seeds indoors and to keep all your material clean. While germinating, you’ll want to keep your seeds in an environment where temperatures are constantly between 23-29°C within the first few days. You’ll also want to keep your lights on for between 16-20 hours, and off for 4-8 hours.


Temperature is super important when it comes to growing cannabis. In order to flourish, cannabis plants require steady temperatures of roughly 21-23°C during the daytime and temperatures no lower than 9°C at night time.

Before you germinate your seeds, we suggest keeping a close eye on the weather. Once conditions are around these optimal temperatures above, start the germination progress and keep your seedlings indoors.

Once you’re ready to move them outdoors, be sure to gently adjust them to the outdoor temperatures, especially if they’re on the colder end of the scale (cold temperatures can severely stunt the growth of plants). If you notice that daytime temperatures are fine but the nights are still a bit too cold, keep your plants indoors during the night until temperatures rise a little.


One of the biggest threats to your plants is mold, especially in The Netherlands, where rainfall is steady and temperatures are low.

To avoid any problems with mold, we suggest planting strains that are mold-resistant (such as Easy Skunk and Frisian Dew). Also make sure to choose a grow location that gets plenty of sunlight to keep the plants dry after storms or humid conditions.


So, there you have it; a detailed look at how to grow cannabis in Holland despite it’s sub-optimal climate.

All of the strains listed in this article are available through the Zamnesia seed shop in packs of between 1,3,5 or 10. So, what are you waiting for? Place your order now and get ready to start growing some killer outdoor bud, no matter how experienced you are.


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