7 Bands To Listen To When High
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7 Bands To Listen To When High

3 min

Bands, cannabinoids, and terpenes. Let's explore the ultimate mix between these entities. Click here to check out the best bands to listen to while high, and some great strains to go along with the experience.

Brace yourselves, your senses are about to get elevated. As we all know, smoking a J and listening to Bob Marley go hand-in-hand. We decided to take this one step further by highlighting the best bands for pairing with your getting-high endeavours. Their musical masterpieces mediate meaning, which can be truly understood when toking that toke. Not surprisingly, each one of these bands goes particularly well with a certain strain from the Zamnesia catalogue. Let’s dive deep.

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Ever since the Harrison Narcotics Tax Act was passed in 1914, the war on drugs has cost millions of lives. A couple of indie rockers got together in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which marked the beginning of their band, which they eventually named "The War On Drugs". They decided on the name over a couple glasses of red wine, which was definitely the right decision considering their alternative option at the time, "The Rigatoni Danzas".

The members of The War On Drugs are Adam Granduciel, David Hartley, Robbie Bennett, Charlie Hall, Jon Natchez, and Anthony LaMarca. Their debut album “Wagonwheel Blues” released in 2008, and has since drawn legions of fans to their music. Their indie vibes can be enhanced with an indica-dominant strain called Revolution. This variety comprises a 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC, which perfectly relaxes the mind for a true revolution to take place. Basically, listen to The War On Drugs, consume some Revolution, and be a part of the movement to end the war on drugs (not the band).


Red Hot Chili Peppers have created the funkiest, most provocative West Coast-based bass-slapping music the world has ever experienced. Anthony Kiedis, with his poetic energy and subversive nature, is the head persona of the band. Flea slaps the bass like no other; his spastic character and funky style is a fundamental part of RHCP’s magic.

Chad Smith, the drummer, a Will Farrell lookalike, has changed the world with his animalistic in-your-face drum beats. The best strain to match the RHCP experience must be Speedy Chile “Fast-Flowering”. This 70% indica-dominant strain grows super-fast, eager to enhance your RHCP experience. The short Speedy Chile Fast Flowering induces a perfect chill for the Red Hot Chili Peppers to penetrate through the boundaries of your soul.


Tame Impala is an Aussie psychedelic rock band, guiding their audience through a mysterious landscape with trippy music videos. The band was founded by Kevin Parker (vocals and various instruments) in 2007. Their debut album “InnerSpeaker” released in 2010 to rave reviews. This band’s music videos are perfectly accompanied by a cannabinoid-influenced mindset. Strawberry Cough is considered a classic psychedelic strain, enhancing the auditory and visual senses.

Combining Tame Impala music with the Strawberry Cough experience goes together like cannabutter and strawberry jelly. Strawberry Cough is a sativa-dominant cultivar, providing the consumer with uplifting and happy vibes, a ticket for the complete Tame Impala experience.


Gorillaz took over the scene with their animated, in-your-face rock and hip-hop sound. Originally created in 1998 by Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett, Gorillaz became one of the greatest phenomenons in the modern music scene. Their videos are super trippy, as if several comic magazines came to life simultaneously and took over the music world.

This band is like no other. The animated personalities of Gorillaz members are an essential part of their music and overall vibe. So, if you're glued to the couch, embracing the genius of Gorillaz, the ultimate strain to include in one’s session is Gorilla Glue. This variety is extremely potent, with some plants reaching up to 30% THC! Therefore, it should be toked with caution. The highs are considered simultaneously relaxing and uplifting. Gorilla Glue shall definitely transport you to the Gorillaz experience.


Formed in Leeds, England in 2007, the indie rock band alt-J has taken musical storytelling to the next level. Gwil Sainsbury, Joe Newman, Thom Sonny Green, and Gus Unger-Hamilton established alt-J at Leeds University, setting the stage for their future success. Their debut album “An Awesome Wave” won the Mercury Prize in 2012. Alt-J's music videos are very picturesque, deep, dark, and feature interesting choreography.

Vaping some Cheese Auto goes hand-in-hand with the alt-J experience. This variety is super pungent and delivers exactly what a classic UK strain should provide, cerebral head highs and musical inspiration. It’s a 75% indica and 25% sativa specimen bursting with insightful cannabinoids and terpenes.


This German folk band was established in Kassel, Germany by Clemens Rehbein, Philipp Dausch, and Antonio Greger. Their song “Stolen Dance” has reached over 360 million views on Youtube. Stolen Dance is their first single, which took over the world with its "just a dude with a guitar" vibe and chill drum beat.

A milky cannabis strain would go perfectly with the relaxing experience of Milky Chance. Here we present Milkshake Kush Autoflower, a relaxing indica-dominant hybrid. The 19% THC lurking in the buds definitely induces a solid experience. We recommend watching the music video “Down By The River” under the influence of this strain. Nostalgic memories of one’s childhood shall emerge.


Last but not least, Primus is an old-school rock band straight outta California. Their style is very raw and gritty. It’s almost like listening to a fly drowning in beer as if rock rebelled against rock, rock ‘n’ roll style. Les Claypool is the face of the band. He went for an audition to become the bass player for Metallica right after Cliff died, but according to James Hetfield, Les was too good.

"Suck On This" is Primus' debut album, released in 1984. Listening to West Coast rock music calls for a pure West Coast cannabis strain. Let us present West Coast OG. It's a high-potency autoflowering strain deriving from old-school OG Kush, which Primus probably toked to get their creativity flowing.


Listening to music while high fuels one’s imagination. These bands can definitely be considered the ultimate auditory stimulators for consuming some dank cannabis varieties. Don’t forget to also watch the music videos together with the audio. Have some ganja, and may the psychedelia be with you.

Luke Sholl
Luke Sholl
Luke Sholl has been writing about cannabis, the wellness potential of cannabinoids, and the positive influence of nature for over a decade. Working with several cannabinoid-centric publications, he publishes a variety of digital content, supported by strong technical knowledge and thorough research.
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