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Top 10 YouTube Channels Stoners Will Enjoy

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You've just finished smoking, you've morphed into the couch, and now all you need is something to watch on YouTube. There's a problem, though: you can't think of anything to put on! Never fear, dear friend, cause we've scoured around and found the most informative and entertaining YouTube channels for you to watch stoned.

Whether you're riding solo or with a few friends, what's the first thing you do after you smoke? Gather some snacks, sure, but after that? If you're like us, we're betting you log onto YouTube and find something to giggle at, learn from, or zone out to. We're also sure you run out of good channels to watch once in a while. We don't want to see anyone suffer that fate, so we're coming to the rescue with this list! Here are our ten favourite YouTube channels to watch after getting high.


Whether you want to learn more about weed, get to know your favourite celebrities, or just have some laughs, you've got a lot of choices on YouTube nowadays. In an instant, you can flip from one show about premium flower to another about a guy messing with Sims characters. These kinds of choices are exactly what make the internet a beautiful place (sometimes). Without further ado, let's tell you about our favourite content creators.


If you're a passionate stoner who likes to stay updated on the weed world, and have a few laughs along the way, StrainCentral was made for you. He'll smoke weed with a vacuum on some days, and go in depth on drug-smuggling submarine raids the next. Along with discussing the best smoking methods and showcasing new products, he's the perfect combination of informative and entertaining. He even touches upon mental health at times, speaking both in relation to and separate from his weed habits. With a refreshing and honest voice, StrainCentral is a clear standout amongst young cannabis content creators.

Video id: A8W4qts22FM&t=1s


With a professional setup and beautiful videos, Ruffhouse Studios is another source of quality weed videos. Teaching people how to do everything from growing cannabis and making edibles to pressing CBD oil, they're a true fountain of knowledge. Their clean and clear narration style is also a huge draw, with every sentence feeling important. In our opinion, it's their reinterpretation of general topics that makes them special. For instance, with their edible content, they offer recipes for sous vide chicken, lollipops, and even queso dip. Definitely more exciting than basic brownie and firecracker videos (their videos on those recipes are wonderful too, though).

Video id: nQYNIz5qIkY


Hosting content from a variety of sources, Green House Seeds brings some interesting competition to the cannabis content market. Their show “Strain Hunters”, for instance, shows their team venturing to places like Swaziland, Morocco, Jamaica, India, and more in search of new and fascinating strains. They were even featured in a VICE documentary with over 15 million views to date. In their other show, “Grow Sessions”, they take the audience through the growing process of all sorts of beloved strains. These aren't just quick overviews, either. With many of the videos lasting between 11 and 14 minutes, you can get lost in the series for hours at a time.


As "hip" as it is, Vice is a major media institution. They've built an empire at this point, which makes their library of iconic alternative content even more fascinating. You won't see CNN or BBC putting out coverage on Lebanese hashish and strain hunters, that's for sure. Besides their weed-focused content (of which there is a lot), they've got beautiful documentaries covering a vast expanse of topics. Whether you want to learn more about politics, economics, pop culture, crime, or psychology, VICE has something for you.


One of the branches of VICE's empire, MUNCHIES brings some of the most entertaining food content on YouTube. With captivating videos on iconic street food, the life of food industry people, and how to make gourmet food at home, you can even watch these with the family. Unless it's a cool family, though, you'll want to wait till they're gone to watch Bong Appetit. This series of 16 videos takes you through the deepest expanses of the world of edibles. With video titles like "Weed Grandma Shows Us How To 420 Braise It", you really can't go wrong.


Not in the mood to watch videos about weed? Maybe you're just looking to get some laughs instead? Allow us to introduce you to Cut! This channel is one of the rising stars in the "human experiment" genre, and it's easy to see why. They offer innovative updates on classic tropes, with shows like “Truth or Drink” (a spin on truth or dare that replaces the dares with drinking), and “Fear Pong” (a spin on beer pong that replaces the drinking with dares). Their “Lineup” series, another hit of theirs, puts people's assumptions and judgements of one another under the spotlight.


Have you ever wanted to hotbox a car with Kevin Smith? We know we have, and so has B-Real. The difference is, B-Real actually did it on BREALTV. Along with the man that played Silent Bob, one of the most iconic stoner characters of all time, B-Real has hotboxed with some very interesting people. With a guest list including Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, Mike Tyson, George Lopez, and his fellow Cypress Hill members, B-Real shows us all how to get lifted with, and to, the stars. His channel also hosts some quality strain reviews, along with his own music.


For those of us that can't yet hop on a plane to see the world, we have Dakota of Earth. Taking the life of a travel blogger to the next level, in his videos, Dakota ventures into the far corners of places like India, Peru, Mexico, Palestine, Egypt, and more. There, he shows his audience everything from the food, people, and history to the hidden gems and local drugs. Yes, he's got a big passion for things like weed, mushrooms, and ayahuasca, but don't let it fool you. His biggest passion, by far, is this beautiful world we all share.


We have a feeling the Spanish speakers amongst you could get lost in Yoidi Ganjah Zone for hours. Combining an authentic presentation style with professional, well-researched content, Yoidi is far from the average fried WeedTuber. His content is mainly shot at home, but his editing skills and demeanour make it feel like a high-budget studio. Even when showing us how he grows in his house's storage space, his content feels far more professional than his big-name competition. His knowledge, combined with his smile and carefree personality, makes him an approachable and downright enjoyable figure to watch.


We just have one more channel to tell you about: our own! That's right, if you'd prefer a video over a beautifully written blog post, we have our very own channel for you to check out. We'll tell you about the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam, suggest what strains to get what you're there, teach you how to roll a blunt when you get home, then tell you about some shows you can watch after you smoke!

Luke Sumpter
Luke Sumpter
With a BSc (Hons) degree in Clinical Health Sciences and a passion for growing plants, Luke Sumpter has worked as a professional journalist and writer at the intersection of cannabis and science for the past 7 years.
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