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Top 10 YouTube Channels Stoners Will Enjoy

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Marijuana maniac? The Internet has much to offer pot smokers. Educate yourself on cannabis or just enjoy some good food and interesting videos.

Smoked something skunky and dank? Well, now it’s time to kick back and relax. YouTube has always been a great internet resource when looking for entertainment, especially after getting royally stoned. There are endless video possibilities to choose from, including informative cannabis channels, product reviews, and simply hilarious videos to take up time.

Looking for some of the best channels to visit? Well, these are our top-rated entertainers out there to mesmerise the brain while you toke away the evening.


Keep up with the cannabis community with these YouTube channels. People with a passion for pot want to spread the news. All across the globe, the industry has been changing. Sit back, light a bowl and watch these fellow cannabis lovers teach about the subject they adore.


Washington state local, Josh can be seen smoking ganja and educating his online stoner community on Strain Central. His enthusiasm has gained him a large following who follow along as he competes in weed challenges and high gaming. He gives product and strain reviews and is trusted by over 400,000 subscribers.

Two High Guys (THG)

It’s exactly what is to be expected. Two high guys out and about on adventures. Toking it up in Massachusetts, these high rollers dispense sage toker tips, play video games and give reviews. They have been on a break from making new videos, but a good YouTube channel never gets old.


Want to learn more about cooking with the best bud around? Look no further because Herb presents amazing “how to” videos that not only teach viewers great recipes but spotlight interviews with experts in the industry. With approximately 14,000 dedicated subscribers, Herb’s videos maintain over a million views.


Getting information on marijuana from the female perspective. Sasha donned her name when initially protecting her identity from family and friends. Her videos often include her band of pets, product giveaways, and a consistently positive attitude as a marijuana social media influencer. She films events and tours while also discussing smoke seshes and bong hits.


Dive deeper in your understanding of topics focused on cannabis and into awesome other subjects like math and science. These YouTube channels offer more educational topics when smoking leads to learning.


If being up to date on cannabis news is important, look no further than Vice. Launching on HBO, YouTube enthusiasts can get the same informative reporting and news online. Informing the masses on YouTube since 2005, Vice’s channel not only speaks on cannabis culture but world news as well.


Math and Science just got better now that Vsauce explains it. Family friendly, witty, and fun, Vsauce takes complex topics and breaks them down in simple dialogue. Michael Stevens draws an audience in with his easy voice and interesting narrative, and 12 million subscribers agree.


Want to just lay on the couch and veg? There are a number of YouTube channels to watch and pass the time. Smoke a fat one and grab the chips. These videos are sure to entertain.

Epic Mealtime

Get fat and greasy because Epic Mealtime can induce munchies on its own. Learn how to make overindulgent foods and more. With over 7 million subscribers and with popular videos averaging over a million views, the food on this channel will make your mouth water enough to make you forget about that cottonmouth.

The Slow Mo Guys

This channel takes slow motion to a new level when Gavin and Dan reduce the speed of life. Watch everything in slow motion and enjoy how beautiful and cool a single moment can be.

Bad Lip Reading

A comedy classic across the whole online community. This anonymous YouTube channel spoofs television and films by overdubbing dialogue onto the lip movements of the individuals on film. Famous for their NFL skits and for turning Game of Thrones into a Renaissance Faire, Bad Lip Reading might make you laugh into your bowl.

Getting Doug with High

Doug Benson interviews celebrities while smoking them out. Get the munchies and the giggles because 44 million views means Getting Doug with High is a hit.

Not To Forget The Zamnesia And Stoney Youtube Channels

Now, we would not be so brazen as to shamelessly add our own Youtube channels this list of top 10 Youtube channels for stoners, but we do think they deserve at least a mention in this blog post. That is just our humble opinion, so please, be our guest, check them out for yourselves and arrive at your own conclusion! The Zamnesia Youtube channel is all about product reviews, How To's, and the occasional peek behind the scenes.

Stoney is the Youtube channel to visit when you are in the mood for some cannabis-infused comfort food. The Stoney videographers take well-known recipes and make them better, by adding some of that sweet and special Mary Jane. Stoney also produces instructional videos, for example, "How To Roll The Perfect Joint".

There is nothing like crawling over the internet after a good smoke sesh. Taking time out of a busy day for some harmless self-indulgence is necessary. YouTube has got everything a stoner needs to pass the time. Watch these channels for either information or enjoyment, we guarantee you will have a good time either way.


Written by: Zamnesia
Zamnesia has spent years honing its products, ranges, and knowledge of all things psychedelic. Driven by the spirit of Zammi, Zamnesia strives to bring you accurate, factual, and informative content.

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