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Top 10 Netflix Shows To Watch When Stoned

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Counting down the top 10 Netflix shows to watch when stoned, we have compiled some of the funniest, most disturbing, visual appealing and dramatically stunning television available to stream today. So grab a bong and a buddy and get ready to be immersed into the wide world of Netflix.

Ian Abernathy is a part-time writer for Zamnesia hailing from Portland, Oregon via NYC. Passionate about both cannabis and music, he frequently combines the two subjects in pieces on the psychedelic and electronic music scenes. Ian is also a published playwright and poet who always draws inspiration from cannabis culture and lived psychedelic experiences. In his free time, Ian trains for marathons, rock climbs, improves his cannabis grow game and writes some more!

“Netflix and Chill” has become somewhat of a cringe-worthy phrase echoed on dating apps around the world. Luckily, stoners have co-opted this slogan to represent the unmatched sensation of a cannabis-laden binge-watching session. Now that streaming services have reinvented the TV wheel, viewers have greater access to the furthest recesses of creative content than ever before.


So, what are you waiting for? Pack a bowl, eat an edible, find your butane torch and gather some friends and food - it’s time for Netflix. The following represent the top 10 Netflix shows to watch when stoned - some psychedelic, others hilarious and campy, with some time-tested standards sprinkled in. This might go without saying, but the shows offered by Netflix differ per country. This doesn't mean you should skip shows that are not available via your nation's Netflix altogether. Streaming via other paid services is also an option, or you could go the nostalgic route and break out the DVD-box set. Manage however you wish, but definitely put these 10 TV gems on your watchlist!

#1 30 ROCK (2006-2013)

30 Rock

I will never stop arguing that 30 Rock is the funniest “sitcom” of all time. Tina Fey’s brash, raunchy, intellectually-esoteric weird-fest follows TV sketch-show writer Liz Lemon, charismatic corporate maven Jack Donaghy and a host of other unadjusted TV industry workers located at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in NYC.

As stoner comedies go, 30 Rock pairs slapstick antics and scatological humor with adept observances of race and gender politics that make it one of the most binge-worthy series of all time. Littered with a diverse array of guest stars from Oprah Winfrey to Jennifer Aniston, a good 30 Rock session somehow always leaves you hungry for more. Try enjoying this program alongside some dabs as it will elevate the show’s consistently irreverent material.

#2 BLACK MIRROR (2011- )

Black Mirror

Okay - hear me out! Black Mirror is truly one of the most terrifying programs I’ve ever had seared into my memory. Why? Because there is nothing more horrific than an eerily accurate near-future exposé. As someone who has a hard time being genuinely scared by Hollywood horror films, I watched the first episode of this sci-fi series on a whim one night after smoking several bowls. The result? I was overcome with emotions.

By the time I reached the end of the first season, I was convinced I had to start the next one immediately (alongside another bowl of course). All in all, this is one of those shows to watch if you enjoy testing your limits and giving yourself a good scare. While I don’t necessarily recommend bingeing the entire series alone like I did, choose a couple particularly disturbing episodes (See Season 1 Episode 1: “National Anthem” and Season 2 Episode 2: “White Bear”) and get ready for an uneasy, yet exhilarating ride.

#3 THAT ‘70S SHOW (1998-2006)

70s Show

This might be a bit on-the-nose, but That ‘70s Show is a dependable comedy for easy viewing that makes for great background programming. The origin of the show's name is enough to certify it as a stoner-standard. Rumor has it that after some early copyright issues, the producers were eventually forced to take on the hilariously generalized moniker "That '70s Show" used by uninformed audiences.

A friend of mine once mentioned that she enjoys getting stoned to shows where the characters smoke because it feels like everyone is toking together. Luckily, That 70s Show features stoners in spades: nearly every episode involves a basement joint circle in which the teenage characters drag each other's personalities over bristling sexual tension.


Bojack Horseman

In recent years, Netflix has become renowned for producing exceptional original content. Beginning with dramedies like Orange is the New Black, the streaming service has now hit their stride with one of the funniest and emotional animated TV series’ of all time: BoJack Horseman.

BoJack has exponentially grown on me and appears to be doing so for critics and mass audiences alike. Soon to be in its fourth season, the show follows the titular washed-up ‘90s actor (and horse) as he shares his cynical commentary and navigates the ups and downs of depression within the superficial culture of present day “Hollywoo” (the “D” was stolen). As perhaps the most unintentionally affable protagonist on TV, BoJack has become a stoner icon for the ages.

#5 PORTLANDIA (2011 - )


As a Portlander, I would be remiss not to include the sensational series Portlandia to this list. Never have I laughed harder and been more confused watching early seasons of the meta sketch program stoned in my best friend’s university dorm room. In the hands of seasoned comedian Fred Armisen and legendary feminist rocker-turned-TV-star Carrie Brownstein, Portlandia has only become more insane with age.

Portlandia is generally lighthearted and the writers poke fun at everyone in their periphery from hipsters to suburban adventurers. There are often jokes on the behalf of stoners since Portland is one of America's premiere cities for recreational cannabis. Not every skit on the show lands, but that’s what makes it great. Armisen, Brownstein and Co. go all-in every time, even if their punch lines don’t make sense to anyone but them.

#6 BREAKING BAD (2008-2013)

Breaking Bad

Strap yourself in - it’s going to be quite the ride watching Walter White transform from everyman chemistry teacher to cold-hearted Heisenberg over 5 seasons. You’ll have a hard time putting the joint down as you watch Walt cover his tracks as crystal meth producer while “mentoring” frantic junkie and former student Jesse Pinkman. With a legendary performance from white-wine-loving wife Skyler, Breaking Bad is easily one of the most well-conceived television shows in history.

Boasting legions of stoner followers, Breaking Bad always cooks up unforgivable plot twists and dramatic irony that is nothing short of addictive. The series is a masterclass in visual storytelling and believable enough to blur the lines between 21st-century suburbia and the myth of the wild west.

#7 TWIN PEAKS (1990-1991/2017- )

Twin Peaks

With a third season set to arrive after a sixteen-year sabbatical, the aesthetically stunning Twin Peaks is helmed by the incomparably disturbing David Lynch. At times playful, at others deadly weird, Twin Peaks compiles an amalgam of off-kilter scenarios and characters, then runs with them to the very edge. Starring Kyle McLaughlin as detective Dale Cooper, the series infuses the darkness of small town crime with the ever-present supernatural forces at play.

Famed for its adornment of macabre sets, locations and muses (hello, Lara Flynn Boyle), Twin Peaks is a welcome addition to this list for stoners who enjoy optical stimulation and constant foreshadowing. The truly unique nature of Twin Peaks makes for fascinating viewing among people from all different generations.

#8 MAD MEN (2007-2015)

Mad Men

In a fine suit with drink in hand, Don Draper of Mad Men is simultaneously imposing and comforting - a theme present throughout this critically acclaimed series set in an advertising agency at the turn of the 1960s. While the first few seasons are gung-ho to indulge in dramatizations specific to the time period, Mad Men eventually grows into a juggernaut of human emotion and persuasion.

You’ll find yourself puffing on blunts with the same veracity as the cigarette smokers on the show, waiting for new developments to be revealed while hoping that one of the series’ many underdogs finally gets their big break. Mad Men is a stylish show, populating the screen with nostalgic curios that fully transport viewers back over half a century. Though not always likeable, Draper brings us into a room that only a select few have had the opportunity to be a fly on the wall.


Stranger Things

With a hefty serving of ‘80s era-Spielberg schtick and Winona Ryder’s dedicated portrayal of a grieving mother whose son has mysteriously disappeared, Matt and Ross Duffer’s Stranger Things is a spooky piece of sci-fi theater with twists that I won’t dare spoil. Comprised mostly of a talented cast of young actors, Stranger Things doesn’t waste any time, forging some of recent TV’s most memorable moments.

Employing genre tropes and teasing monster imagery, Stranger Things is pure fun, but comparably intense. With heartfelt direction, this series will strike a chord with stoners who grew up on adolescent-targeted films like 1985's The Goonies and 86's Stand by Me. Season 2 of Stranger Things is set to be one of the most anticipated premieres of the year, arriving on Netflix Halloween 2017 with nine brand new episodes.

#10 CHEF’S TABLE (2015)

Chef's Table

Better prepare a snack or two for this one. Chef’s table is a fine-tuning of food-based TV programming. Created by David Gelb of Jiro Dreams of Sushi, this Netflix original series follows a singular chef throughout each of its six episodes. Topped with a helping of hard-earned food-porn to render the fullest stoner salivating, Chef’s Table digs further to explore the psychology behind each chef’s story.

Don’t expect to see subjects exclusively from the fine-dining circuit - Chef’s Table examines diverse personalities, cooking styles and locations with respectful objectivity. More than the food itself, Gelb fixates on the ambitions and inner workings of these world-renowned chefs - why they chose their path and where they stand at present. No matter what region of the world each chef is located in, Chef’s Table will have you wishing you could blaze up and chow down with these culinary iconoclasts.

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