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Part 3: Advanced Techniques & Troubleshooting

Think something is wrong with your plants? No problem! Want to get the lowdown on some advanced techniques? You have come to the right place! In this section we cover all the things that separate the boys from the men, and begin the makings of a truly expert grower.

By now you should have a decent grasp of the basic fundamentals of growing cannabis. The thing about cannabis cultivation is that it is extremely easy to pick up, but notoriously hard to master. There is always something new to learn, and another way you could be improving your skills. As such, many will often say that whilst smoking cannabis isn’t addictive, the growing is!

So how do you become a pro? With a lot of dedication, practice and hard work. However, learning a few tricks of the trade will help you go a long way. In this section there is detailed information on many advanced techniques, such as how pruning, topping, and training techniques can really push a cannabis plant to the limit of production, as well as taking a look at more advanced cultivation setups, such as hydroponic systems and hash tip creating LEDs.

We also look at the ways you can recognise and deal with problems before they become too serious, and what measures you can take if you have left things too long. Be it pests, nutrient burn, disease or a deficiency, we can help you diagnose the problem and stamp it out. In time, you will be able to read the signs, feel how your plants are doing, and prevent problems before they have the chance to manifest – all without having to refer to a guide.

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