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Growing cannabis indoors

This is where we get into the real meat of indoor growing - outlining the specifics and considerations you will need to account for if you want to develop your skills as an indoor grower.

There is so much to learn about when growing indoors. With our articles you can learn about essential equipment you will need, such as lighting, ventilation and odour control; the needs of your cannabis plants, such as temperature, water, nutritional, pH, humidity and carbon dioxide considerations; and ways to maximise the efficiency of your grow, such as with optimal lighting distances, and fine-tuned control. We even talk about the way your plant pot size will affect your cannabis!

Whether it is brushing up on your feeding schedules, figuring out your lighting requirements, or learning how to flush a plant, everything you need for indoor growing is right here!

We also recommend paying a quick visit to our outdoor section. Although not directly applicable, we look at many varying aspects that effect cannabis growth, and you may be able to pick up a few extra tips to carry over to your grow room – for example, we take an in-depth look at the effect bacteria and fungus can play in an outdoor grow, which if done right, could potentially boost the effectiveness of an indoor grow as well.

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