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Part 2: Cultivation – The Essentials

Now is time to put theory into practice. This section of the Zamnesia grow guide explains everything you need to know to turn your cannabis seeds into fully fledged, flowering beauties. We will guide your hand the entire way through.

We have guides on germinating your cannabis seeds, ways to make sure they get a good start in life, how to successfully and safely transplant your cannabis when it gets too big, information on general care, how to clone your cannabis for future grows, the best ways to harvest, dry and cure your bud, and the many other aspects of general cannabis growing.

Everything here is applicable to both indoor and outdoor growing. However, we also have sections on the specifics of both. Head to the one relevant to you once you have given this section a read to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the growing methods and techniques that you will use (although taking a peak in the other section isn’t going to hurt!).


Essentials - Indoor              Essentials - Outdoor

Germinate Cannabis seeds

Dry Cannabis

Harvesting Cannabis

Watering Cannabis

Smart Start