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Part 1: General Information Cannabis grow guide

In this general section of the Zamnesia grow guide, you will find everything you need to know before you actually get started with the growing.

First we cover the basics of the plant itself – you can learn about the various stages of life your plants will go through as they grow, the core differences between the many strains out there, the difference good genetics can make, and other general good-to-know information. Although not essential to the physical act of growing, the basic theoretical knowledge covered here can make the difference between a fumbling novice, and someone trying to actively learn and improve their growing skills – so we highly recommend familiarising yourself with this information.

In addition to this, we also cover the many things you will need to take into account before growing your bud. For example, do you intend to grow indoors or outdoors? And have you considered the many factors, advantages and disadvantages of each? We cover topics like this, and more, such as security considerations, choosing a decent grow area, ways to stay stealthy, choosing strains suitable for your situation, and just general good cannabis grower practices.

With everything in this section in hand, you should have an excellent foundation to build your growing expertise off of - it will actively influence everything you do going forwards.


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