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grow tents

We at Zamnesia take pride in claiming to have the best grow tents available. Our Grow Tents allow you to create your own micro climate environment for total control of the circumstances, that have an influence on your indoor growing operations. Our Grow Tents provide total control, be it temperature, humidity or light period. Virtually airtight and light proof, there is no leaking of anything, CO2 supply friendly and no worries about the "dark" photo period - nor will bugs or pests find a way into your Grow Room. We've stocked up with the most easy to use Grow Tents with the most features and if that is not enough, we offer customized complete Grow Tent kits with lighting, soil or hydroponic equipment or what ever you can come up with. Simply get in touch with us by email or phone and we'll assist you in compiling a solution that fits your needs and requirements. Easy to set up, durable and really tough, furthermore cheaper than any other competitor, while still providing only the best quality. Partner up with Zamnesia and your indoor or hydroponic gardening adventures will be a full success at a low price!