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The fine art of growing cannabis is a noble one. That is why we have dedicated much of our shop to supplying some of the most diverse and high-quality cannabis seeds available. However, it is important to understand that we are not a cannabis grow shop.

Here in the Netherlands, where we are based, it is illegal to grow cannabis on a large scale. As such, we do not sell the bulk fertilisers and equipment that would be common of a grow shop. Instead, we focus our efforts on the hobby grower – the everyday person who wants to flex those green thumbs and grow their own supply. Not for cash, fame, or personal gain, but for the enjoyment of cultivating such a special plant then personally savouring the bounty it has to offer. You can’t buy bulk from us, and everything we sell is with the small hobby grower in mind.


For such hobby growers, we have plenty of options. First and foremost, we have a gigantic selection of cannabis seeds. From the seedbanks known the world over that have made a name for themselves as high-quality breeders, to the smaller, more intimate seed banks that have focused on experimentation and innovation, catering to select connoisseur audiences. No matter what you are looking for, if you are a hobby grower, you will find it here. To make things a little easier and offer some inspiration, we have put together a few top 10 cannabis seed lists that we update on a regular basis. Included in these lists are our top 10 Feminized Cannabis Seeds, Top 10 Regular Cannabis Seeds, Top 10 Medical Cannabis Seeds, and Top 10 Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds.


Just because we are not a grow shop, doesn’t mean we can’t supply the hobby grower with the smaller amounts of resources they need to look after their plants. To help get cannabis off to the best start possible in life, we offer a special Smart Start kit, giving seeds all they need to get started. We also stock things like Vertafort, the perfect nutritional solution for growing 1-2 plants. These are just a couple of examples of some of the options we have for hobby growers looking to care for their cannabis.


For many, this is what it all comes down to – creating that perfect personal stash. In order to facilitate, Zamnesia offers a wide range of after-harvest products. From screens to make small amounts of hash, to stash boxes to keep it perfectly stored. We also have you covered when it comes to use – be it rolling papers, pipes, bongs to suit all needs, or the latest and greatest vaporizers on the market.


As stated, Zamnesia doesn’t supply to large scale growers. As such, you won’t find the large lighting rigs, gigantic grow tents, bulk nutrients, or other products tailored to large-scale cultivation that are so common in regular grow shops. It is illegal to grow in the Netherlands on a large-scale, and it gives hobby growers a bad name. You won’t find us accommodating it.


So, as you can see, while we are not a cannabis grow shop, we certainly have you covered for everything else. For the hobby grower, we are so much more than a simple grow shop, supplying you with everything you need to enjoy the rich world of cannabis. It’s why we are one of Europe’s largest retailer of cannabis seeds!

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