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Grow tents and kits (Grow Tents)

Microclimate required by cannabis plants in indoor growing is best achieved in grow tents. These dedicated boxes are sound-, smell- and lightproof, allowing for a 100% discreet cultivation.

They come in a variety of kinds and sizes. The smallest ones are approx. 60x60cm, with a total grow area of some 0,36 sq m, perfect for hobbyists and weekend marijuana smokers. They work best with 150W or 250W MH/HPS lamps or with energy saving CFLs. Slightly bigger tents (80x80cm) will accomodate a 400W lamp, and a square meter ones (1mx1m) do best with a 600W bulb, though 400W is also perfectly suitable. Bigger boxes are also available, some with two separate chambers, designed to use with multiple light sources or a lighting rail.

Quality differ, too. Some of the most basic grow tents use thinner material, that lets some of the smell through, as well as being less resistant to wear and tear. Thick material, solid construction and reliable zippers are what you should expect from a decent tent.

As different growers tend to have their favourite materials, the inner layer of grow tent could be either simply white, or made of some reflective foil, such as mylar or orca.