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Cloning equipment (Grow Tents)

Cloning require slightly different climate than cultivating adult cannabis plants. The humidity required for perfect adaptation - some 80% - could let your marijuana harvest rot, which is certainly something you have to avoid at all cost. Most growers also like to keep their clones in a somewhat higher temperature - thus the need to place them in the separate place with dedicated hardware.

This could best be done by using a cloning tent - similar to ones used for seed to harvest cannabis cultivation, just smaller. The lamp for cloning - itself often a different sort than the one used for flowering (either energy saving bulbs or MH lamps) - has to be placed close to the clones, which would be impossible if they were kept in the same grow area as the older plants.

Cloning boxes are offered in the same range of quality and finishing (white, silver) as growing tents, but come in handy, wider and lower sizes. Most have two to three levels on which plants could be put, increasing the number of cuttings and maximising the use of space.