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Miscellaneous (Grow Tents)

Grow tents are designed to be as durable and resistant as possible. Sometimes, however - be it due to some hardware failure, transport accident etc - some parts might get damages or lost. In order to ensure 100% workability of your growing area, some replacements could be found, as well as optional equipment.

Top of all grow tents tend to be reinforced to support light, fan and carbon filter. These have its maximum load. If you wish to exceed these, additional bars would be recommended.

Though almost all materials used in grow tents production is water proof, you certainly don't want to clean the bottom every time one of your cannabis plants get overwatered. For this, a dedicated removable bottom could be found for most tents sizes.

One useful piece of equipment for the growing tent is a drying net, that allows you to transform your growing space into drying system in mere seconds. All you would have to do is replace lights with a fitted net, leaving the ventilation system and carbon filter intact, which would allow your marijuana harvest to be dried quickly and discreetly.