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Cannabis information

So you came here to read more about our beloved divine plant - Cannabis. In our weed encyclopedia you'll not only find extensive general cannabis information, but we also deal with the aspects of Cannabis in regards to Diseases and Cures of the plant, including the symptomes of Tobacco Mosaic Virus, Bud Rot and Mildew, how to fight those diseases and how to prevent and combat insect pests. And since not everyone is born with a green thumb, we provide some tips and tricks about Growing weed. To make your breeding venture a total success, we recommend to get familiar with the needed Minerals & Feeding

In the general cannabis information section, we talk about the psychoactive substances CBD and THC found in the smoke we crave so much. And, do you know the characteristics of Indica and Sativa plants or what internodes are? We also shed some light on the influence of electrical conductivity (EC), CO2 and the PH value in the process of Growing weed, before we explain when to harvest cannabis and why you should pay attenntion to the color of the trichomes. And we won't let you down from there, you want to know the best way of drying cannabis of course; we even explain the not so common process of water curing.

In the growing weed chapters, we start with germinating seeds. We talk about sufficient ventilation and what influence fresh air has, the needed lighting and why some breeders screw up when it comes to electricity. We also explain what setpup to use; you have probably heard about SOG and SCROG (and wondered what it is) before. You'll even find information about special treatments for a better crop, like fimming (FIM = "Fuck, I Missed"), pruning, topping and splitting. Once you get deeper into the matter, you may want to read how to make clones or about Greenhouse & Conservatory Growing.

And finally, in the chapters about Minerals & Feeding you'll learn more about the substances (for example calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, nitrogen und sulphur) your plant needs for perfect growth and all you need to know about watering cannabis plants correctly; we even give you some lessons in science in the over/under-watering and the best PH value sections. Apropos growth, there are various ways to breed your weed - we introduce you to Coco, Hydro and talk about measurements and the neccessary nutrient amount. Last not least we address the questions what are autoflowering seeds? and what are feminised cannabis seeds?.