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Natural Plant Care

Natural Plant Care

When you are growing for overall quality, fragrance and taste, natural plant care is the contemporary choice. The educated cannabis lover is demanding all organic all the time and that is impossible with icky chemicals.

Cannabis is naturally hardy and the resins for which it is sought provide several natural defences. These sturdy natural defences sometimes need augmenting when the plant is under focused attack. Particular bugs, diseases and other pathogens can be controlled using natural methods like companion planting from the seedling stage.

Friendly bugs and creatures can be attracted or introduced to act as organic antagonists towards hostiles in indoor and outdoor gardens. Ladybugs are ferocious good guys and some nematodes do battle to keep roots healthy and rot-free. Neem oil is the go to organic topical application for many cannabis problems as a prevention and cure. It’s all there in the Zamnesia grow encyclopaedia.

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