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Other Yield-Boosting Techniques

Other Yield-Boosting Techniques

Fortunately for the marijuana aficionado cannabis responds with vigorous growth to certain types of trauma. The more growth and flower sites the larger the yield. Trimming, fimming and topping are variations of a theme that encourages multiple branching. LST exposes more of the plant to light, encouraging larger buds all over.

Lollipopping makes big dominant buds on the ends of branches and defoliation can accelerate growth. Supercropping (or sometimes “Whoops I broke it off”) has been a favourite of growers for decades and never ceases to increase cola sizes. The Zamnesia grow encyclopaedia will be make sure you get it right for the best buds.

Essential Trimming Techniques and Tips
Splitting Cannabis Stems
Low Stress Training (LST)
Super Cropping
Monster Cropping