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Site Selection

Site Selection

Selecting a site is as varied a term as geographical locations and the ways people live their lives. Legal situation plays an important role also. Growing outdoors in a big pot on a balcony is a valid outdoor grow. Even on the 54th floor. Where prohibition is a bad memory, the cannabis grower is free to exploit whatever locations are available. Avoiding being ripped off goes without saying. Greenhouses produce epic weed in places where the temperatures can otherwise be too cool for cannabis.

Autoflowering and rapid flowering varieties, that remain diminutive can be hidden in domestic gardens. Where legality or security could be a problem, the stealthy grow is a tried and true, risky and rewarding way to get nuggets in the jar. Zamnesia reveals successful site strategies for your grow, that have been proven by hundreds of cumulative years of experience.

Stealth Growing
Guerrilla Growing
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