Hydroponic Growing: The Pros and Cons
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Hydroponic Growing: The Pros and Cons

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Growing cannabis using hydroponics is an excellent way to take things to the next level, just make sure you know what the advantages and disadvantages are.

Growing cannabis with hydroponics can really push a crop far past the natural potential. It offers many advantages to the grower willing to take on more of a challenge, and rewards hard effort and perseverance in kind with outstanding yields of top quality bud. However, for all of the many advantages held by hydroponic growing, there are also drawbacks – making it important to know both before decided to embark down this path.

The Advantages of Growing Cannabis With Hydroponics

Increased Yields
Hydroponic growing allows for much larger yields from much smaller areas, boosting a grow room's yield to space ratio, and offering expert and cash crop growers much more bang for their buck.

Better Quality Control
The nature of hydroponic growing allows for a great deal of control over how a cannabis plant grows. This total control often results in a much better quality of bud being produced than would have been possible in soil.

It Can Be A Lot Faster
Cannabis grown in a hydroponic system matures faster. As a result, you get yields much quicker, and can move onto a new crop with greater haste. It is not unheard of being able to finish up to 6 crops a year with just one hydroponic system.

Less Pests, Less Disease
As there is no soil involved, most pests and diseases, which originate from soil, are not something you need to worry about.

Thus No Pesticides
Decreased likelihood of a pest infestation means there is little if any cause to use pesticides – increasing the quality of your cannabis crop.

Less Stress
As long as a hydroponic system is monitored properly, it is much less likely to cause water stress than a soil based grow, even though hydroponics are based solely around water.

More Efficient
Cannabis plants grown using hydroponics makes much better use of water and fertilisers than when grown in soil. This not only means you can get better results, but it also means you don’t have to use as much feed.

A Tailored Service
As hydroponic systems offer a great deal of control, it is much easier to tailor your feeding schedule to the individual needs of a strain or plant. Whilst this takes practice, it offers veterans huge advantage.

The Disadvantages Of Growing Cannabis With Hydroponics

It Takes A Lot Of Knowledge And Skill
The main disadvantage when it comes to hydroponics is that the majority of the above advantages do not apply unless the grow is conducted with a decent amount of skill. Once you have learnt how to grow using hydroponics, than the quality of your cannabis cultivation can go through the roof, but getting there takes patience and practice.

It’s Not Cheap
A decent hydroponic system won’t come cheap, and the initial investment required can be a bit too daunting for hobby growers, especially when compared to the cost/benefit of soil based growing.

Sanitation Is Key
Although there are fewer diseases to catch, those diseases that can be caught are caught with greater ease. Waterborne plant diseases spreads like wildfire, and once they are in, they are hard to get rid of. You need to keep everything sterile as possible, especially if you are growing using hydroponics outdoors.

As you can see, hydroponics have a lot going for them, but they require skill, patience, and quite a bit of dollar to get right. If you are thinking about giving it a go, make sure you do a lot of research on the matter first, know your shit when it comes to looking after cannabis, and have the money to burn. You will be rewarded like a king once you have it down, you just need to get over those initial large barriers.

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