How To Smoke Weed On A Budget
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How To Smoke Weed On A Budget

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Bills are piling up, your weed stash is shrinking, and your next paycheck is still some days away. Oh, the horror! But don’t despair, here are some tips on how to smoke weed on a budget.

Sure thing, most of us like smoking weed. But unless you’re growing it yourself, there is just one little problem with our hobby: weed can be expensive! So, what do you do if you’re running low on ganja and need to make your bag last a little longer? Well, no reason to panic! Sit back, relax, and check out these tips on how to smoke weed on a budget!

1. Shop Around

No matter how you source your weed, be it from a dispensary or from Mr Shadypants around the corner, you can save some of your hard-earned cash by comparing prices before you buy. So shop around and find out who/where sells your preferred strains at the best price point. If you live in a legal region with a number of dispensaries or coffeeshops to check out, a little price research before you buy can do wonders for your wallet! The same goes for shopping online for cannabis seeds.

2. Save Special Weed For Special Occasions


Smoking weed is already expensive as it is, but do you really need to blaze the fancy (and very pricey) artisanal stuff from the hipster grow collective in California? Of course not! For everyday blazing, an average, decent strain like OG Kush or Afghani may well do. Save your special weed for special occasions.

3. Store Your Weed Properly

If you get a nice stash but fail to store it properly, you might as well just throw your money out the window. Light, air, humidity, and high temperatures can quickly spoil even the best weed; give some thought to how to store it the right way (and no, the good ol’ plastic baggie won’t cut it). Put your weed in glass jars with an air-tight lid, and store the jars in a dark, cool place. For reliable long-term storage, you may even want to look into special containers like the CVault. You can find more tips on storing your weed properly in this blog on the subject. Don’t make the mistake of spending a good chunk of your cash on weed, only to skimp out on proper storage.

4. Use A Grinder


A grinder is much more than just, well, something to grind your weed. In fact, it can save you some good money by helping you get more out of your stash. When you grind up your buds, it creates more usable surface area, which equates to better hits and flavour compared to smoking up a sloppily crumbled bud. But don’t waste your money on a cheap plastic grinder that breaks on the second use. If you really want to get the most out of your stash, a good 4-parts weed grinder is a very smart investment. It will also collect the fallen kief, which makes it a must-have (not just) for the cost-conscious cannabis lover.

5. Joints And Blunts Are Not Very Efficient

Joints and blunts are not efficient at all if you want to make your weed last. First, when you’re rolling joints or blunts, chances are you will always lose some of your weed in the mess. Secondly, even the deadest of roaches may have some bits of good weed remaining, which will then go to waste. When you use a pipe, bong, or vape, it ends up being much more efficient as you can smoke bowls down to the last bit. Also, pipes and bongs don’t burn as continuously and release as much errant smoke as roll-ups. Moreover, because pipes and the like use screens, it makes for far less waste.

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6. Save Your Roaches


If you can’t be without your joints or blunts and are really running low on weed, you can save your roaches. They may taste awful, alright, but a bunch of saved roaches may well tide you over until your next paycheck! You should also check out the Zamnesia saverette, which is a simple yet ingenious tool that allows you to quickly extinguish and store unfinished joints!

7. When Smoking A Pipe Or Bong: Corner The Bowl Or Get A Snap Bowl

Average, normal-sized bowls for pipes and bongs are relatively large. Obviously, you don’t want to burn everything up in one go, especially when sharing with friends. Corner the bowl when you light it; that is, light only a small section at the corner of the bowl so the rest of the weed stays green and fresh, rather than burning up in smoke. A better way to go about it is with a snap bowl. A snap bowl is a smaller, “personal-sized” bowl that uses only a very small amount of weed—just right for one person. It holds enough so you will still get high, but will waste less weed!

8. Space Out Your Sessions


Yes, weed is awesome, but it will feel even more awesome if you take breaks between sessions. Rather than running out of weed on Wednesday (because you really, really needed to blaze like a madman on Monday and Tuesday), space out your sessions and save your weed instead. If you’re running low and can’t get your hands on a new stash soon, a little “smoke planning” can go a long way. Say you’re looking forward to some smoking fun on the weekend, don’t be silly and smoke all you have during the week.

9. Eat A Mango Or Drink Some Coffee

Did you know you can intensify the effect of your weed by eating a mango or drinking a nice cup of joe while you’re toking?

Mangos contain the terpene myrcene, which interacts with the endocannabinoid system and gives the THC in your weed a longer and more intense effect. Eat one 45 minutes before your smoking session to allow the THC to absorb into your body quicker and last for longer. Some say that mangos boost the euphoric feeling of weed, while others say it makes for a more relaxing effect. Well, the best way is to try it out for yourself!

Coffee is also said to boost the effect of weed. The science behind it is that caffeine, just like cannabis, makes us feel good, which results in an amplified effect. So, if you enjoy a cup of coffee while you’re smoking, it can help your stash last that little bit longer. Just don’t overdo it—an espresso and a little bit of weed may be all that you need!

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10. Don’T Share, But Be Upfront About It


Lastly, if you’re smoking weed and need to make do with what little you have left, you don’t have to share. If you’re upfront about it and explain that yes, you’d really love to share but you just can’t, people will likely understand and you won’t come across as an impolite ass. Next time you do re-up, though, try to smoke-up your buddies, especially if they gave you some of theirs in your time of need.

If you want to read more tips on how to save money on cannabis, check out this article on our blog; it doesn’t require smoking less!


Written by: Georg
Based in Spain, Georg spends a lot of his time not only geeking out at his computer but in his garden as well. With a burning passion for growing cannabis and researching psychedelics, Georg is well versed in all things psychoactive.

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