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Top 10 Reasons To Grow Your Own Weed

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Ever thought of growing your own weed? Perhaps you should. It holds many advantages over buying weed from the street, and making it a very fulfilling experience.

Deciding to take the plunge and grow your own cannabis can be a great way to cut costs and gain a lot of control over what you smoke. Considering how many people smoke weed across the world, only a few of us make the effort to actually grow it. This means that unless you live in a more pot tolerant country, such as the Netherlands or Spain, you have to resort to black market dealers to get a supply.

The thing is, growing your own marijuana is actually easy. Sure, there are a lot of advanced techniques, and there is always something new to learn and master, but the basics are pretty simple, and once you have them down, you can easily produce your indefinite supply. Here is our rundown of the top 10 reasons to grow your own!

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1. You'LL Save A Lot Of Money

Why Grow Your Own Weed: You'll Save A Lot Of Money

Weed is expensive when you buy it, but cheap when you grow it. Depending on where you live, the cost per gram varies a lot, but it certainly ain’t cheap. Of course there is nothing wrong supporting you local businesses, particularly if you have the privilege to live in a place where’s it’s legal (or semi-legal). However, if you would like to save cash, there’s no way around growing you own.

And don’t think that in order to grow weed you need a complex, expensive, full on grow room. Growing outdoors is the easiest: All you need is a seed, soil, water and light - and nature provides most of that for free.

2. You Know What You Get

Why Grow Your Own Weed: You Know What You Get

One of the biggest problems with buying weed is that you never really know what is in it. Has it been sprayed with heavy pesticides? Is it contaminated with pests? Who knows? Your dealer is unlikely to tell you. By growing your own you can rest easy knowing you have total control over what is used, and the overall final quality of your bud.

It also gives you the opportunity to dry and cure your own marijuana. Curing cannabis is the process of allowing the chlorophyll left in the bud to break down, and it dramatically improves the quality of your weed - making for a much smoother smoke. The thing is, most average weed you can get hasn’t been properly cured as it takes quite a while. But once you had well cured bud you will never go back, it is what truly sets the mark for some connoisseur quality stuff.

3. You’re Self-Sufficient

Why Grow Your Own Weed: You’re Self-Sufficient

"Dope will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no dope.“ Unless you’re lucky to live in Amsterdam or Barcelona you most likely won’t be able to chose bud from a menu - if there’s any at all, depending on your location! More likely, you depend on what’s on offer by friends and friends of friends. Plus, you possibly have to deal with people you’d rather not.

When you grow your own you can escape both subpar weed and times of no weed at all. Plus, you don’t have to make that suspicious phone call.

4. You Have Room For Experimentation

Why Grow Your Own Weed: You Have Room For Experimentation

Growing your own marijuana can yield quite a lot of bud. Where you would normally ration the stuff you get off the street, you will likely end up with more then you know what to do with if you grow it yourself. Even one plant can yield huge amounts. This gives you a bit more room for experimentation. You can work on turning those excess yields into edibles (what about Space Cake?), or a tincture for stealthy on the go dosing. Perhaps you can start incorporating in into your cooking by infuse it is some oils. The potentials are limitless, and you will have all the weed at had to explore it all.

5. You Develop A Relationship With The Plant

Why Grow Your Own Weed: Develop A Relationship With The Plant

As a bonus, there is the satisfaction. To know that you grew your own bud from seed to finish with your own hands and the effort is immensely rewarding. It results in you developing a much deeper relationship with your plants, allowing you to really appreciate the experience and end result a lot more.

Also, with every grow your skill will improve. Growing cannabis is a constant learning experience, and knowing your next batch is likely to be better than the last is an exciting prospect. You will eventually end up as an expert grower, able to read your plants and gain a good idea of their quality simply by how they are growing. You will never buy marijuana again.



If you have a Cannabis Social Club or a dispensary nearby, you are one of the lucky ones that can choose from a diverse menu of many exciting strains. If you don't have that luxury, you are dependent on friends or in most cases the black market, where you mainly get one strain that is of cheap quality. Sometimes, more than one strain is offered, but that's not the rule. Buying cannabis seeds and growing your own gives you plenty of options to choose from. Most home growers cultivate more than one plant. This way, you have the joy of smoking a variety of cannabis strains with different effects, aromas and flavours. Because smoking the same same over and over again gets kind of boring over time, doesn't it?



An often overlooked point is that growing your own stash of weed is super fun! It is an extremely exciting hobby and passion because there is just so much to learn and try. Think of all the different strains, techniques, growing methods and styles, and equipment that you can experiment with. It is really rewarding to see the results. Getting a new growing method right or cultivating a new delicious variety to its optimum will definitely put a smile on your face. It's not only fun, but you can also be very proud of yourself as well!



When you read about growing cannabis, it sometimes seems as if it's the most difficult thing to do. But rest assured, it's not! Especially when you stick to easy to grow strains and beginner setups that can be purchased as a complete set. Of course, there are many advanced techniques and cultivation styles but you can get to those later. Even for a newbie, great results can be achieved with very little effort. Some recommendations for easy to grow strains to start with would be Northern Lights, Easy Bud or Critical. These strains are known for being beginner-friendly, yielding large amounts of fine buds to arouse your enthusiasm.



Many people who want to grow their own bud hesitate because of the illegality of the plant in their country. And that's only right! We encourage nobody to break the law, but with changing legislation in many places, the door is finally open to buy a tent and some seeds and get started. Sooner or later, legalisation, or at least decriminalisation, will come to your place, too. And informing yourself and learning about growing weed beforehand to get a great start when it finally is legal, there's nothing wrong with that, right?



As you may know, not only the flowers of cannabis can be utilised; the whole cannabis plant has something to offer for you. Be it leaves, trimmings, sugar leaves or even stems – they all contain cannabinoids (not as much as the flowers, though) and can be used to great effect. Popular uses are making edibles, tinctures, hash or even rolling a leaf cigar. The possibilities are almost endless, see? This way, you can up the benefits of growing your own cannabis even more and get a variety of weed products. You will be like your own dispensary! We have several blogs about this topic, so be sure to check them out for more information.

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Adam Parsons
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