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10 Other Great Zamnesia Gifts Under €50

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Zamnesia offers a great range of gifts on a budget. Looking for something special for less than €50? You're spoiled with choices here. Pick up one of our products to give to a special someone - even yourself!

Do you have a special occasion or someone's birthday coming up? Need an excuse to treat yourself? Zamnesia has got you covered with a fantastic range of gifts. If you're shopping on a budget, we have put together a list of some of our best products under €50. Keep in mind, these are not cannabis gifts.

There is, after all, a world beyond weed with many wonderful products to choose from. That being said, we have also compiled a separate list of our Top 10 Cannabis-Related Gifts as well. You can also find something smaller in our Top 10 Zamnesia Gifts Under €10.


Cambodian Gold Grow Kit

The dark, brownish-gold colour of Psilocybe cubensis is part of its enticing appeal. These psychoactive mushrooms will give you a trip milder than some of the more extreme mushrooms. That makes them perfect for some mellow tripping. Experience this journey yourself by growing your own with maximum ease.

Our grow kit comes with everything you need to get your own supply within weeks. The resulting thick caps have genetic heritage from Cambodian Psilocybe cubensis and the delightful Golden Teacher variety. The Psilocybe cubensis family of mushroom is still very potent, with a mild effect produced from less than a gram. More intense highs await those consuming over 2.5g.

Its effects include legendary visual hallucinations. These mushrooms are easy to cultivate, too, having been found growing naturally in a number of rainforests. If this top-seller doesn't whet your appetite, we have many other excellent strains available in our Shroomshop.


Truffle Cultivation Grow Kit

Perhaps it's not mushrooms you're looking to cultivate, but some potent truffles instead. We also happen to have a fantastic grow kit for those, too! Sometimes, it’s about trying something new and discerning the subtle differences. It is worth experiencing how truffles pack their psilocybin, as well as all the other psychoactive chemicals found in mushrooms.

With our kit, you can sample three different strains, Mexicana, Tampanensis, and Galindoi. These will impact your mind in such a way that you will feel more connected to the universe than ever before. That’s one of the most amazing gifts you can give yourself or someone else.


Crested San Pedro

There is a lot to be said for growing plants in your home. Even pot plants can have a positive impact on your mental health. Plants alter the atmosphere of your room and (very, very slightly) the planet. If you want a strong, reliable plant that won't require much maintenance, may we present the Crested San Pedro.

This variety of the San Pedro cactus has no fixed growth point and can end up growing into all sorts of dazzling shapes. You can expect a unique and intriguing shape to grow between 10-15cm.


Absinthe Kit

Absinthe. The sheer harshness of the word is enough to evoke its legendary status. The strange green of this powerfully strong drink represents a bygone culture of the Victorian era. Not only is this unique alcohol extremely intoxicating, it can be difficult to get your hands on in its classic recipe. So why not make your own?

Zamnesia offers you a kit with everything you need to brew your own absinthe to a high standard - all the spices, herbs, and paraphernalia. Once you add the liquor, you'll be drinking your own home-made absinthe in no time.



The Kratom tree produces its own peculiar herb. Its leaves have a strong impact on humans when chewed or consumed as a tea. The effects are described as calming and mellow, whilst also bestowing energy. See how its stimulating sensations sit with you, and create your own custom "try-out pack."

Choose any combination of Kratom varieties for your friend to sample, so he or she can find the best one for their taste. Maybe it's the stimulating Kratom Bali or the uplifting Kratom Malaysia. Perhaps it's the Kratom Thai with its invigorating properties, or our strongest variety, Kratom Maeng Da. We would suggest adding a pack of Maeng Da, Thai, Malaysia and Bali to your cart, which will total up to just under €37,00.


Zamnesia Zip Hoodie

Winter is coming and the cold will start to surprise you after months of warmth. Believe it or not, there is a way to stay warm while helping to get the Zamnesia brand out there. Our navy-blue zip hoodies are comfortable, stylish, and will have everyone asking where you got it.

The fabric is 90% cotton and 10% polyester, making for a pleasantly soft and snug hoodie. Stay toasty with one that fits well. Perhaps order a size larger than you usually would, if you want to maximise comfort. Nothing would warm our hearts more than knowing we helped keep you warm through the harsh winter.


Plasma Lighters

Few things are as irritating as a lighter that's turned faulty just when you need it. Trying to light a joint in windy weather is particularly frustrating. It's like you're so close, yet so far. Don't underestimate the convenience of a reliable lighter; ones that harness the power of plasma will be dependable for years.

The Novi plasma lighter is an entirely electrical lighter. No refills of lighter fluid necessary. Keep it charged through its USB port and you will have a top-of-the-line lighter on hand at all times.


The Psilocybin Mushroom Bible

Maybe you have taken to cultivating your own mushrooms. This will require care, precision, and patience on your part. The conditions have to be just right to get the best results from your grow. Luckily, we offer the very read you need with our Psilocybin Mushroom Bible.

Our comprehensive guide to different varieties of magic mushrooms (and how to best grow them) is available now. They say books make the best presents. And we just so happen to believe that this book will guide you successfully through the growth, harvest, and storage of your mushrooms.



On the southern coast of Mexico grows a minty plant with more intense power than you can imagine. Salvia divinorum was used in shamanic rituals by the Mazatec tribe. The prepared leaves induce “vision quests” because of their powerful hallucinogenic qualities. Salvia is not for party use, but for quiet, safe spaces.

Minimise the noise, distractions, and dangerous objects in your vicinity. Have a sober person present while you're experimenting to watch over you. It really is that intense. Creating a custom variety pack of three different strengths of salvia will show you what lies beyond. For example, you could choose the Salvia Dried Leaves, one pack of 5x Salvia Extract, and one pack of 10x Extract, so that you may find which strength works best for you. This specific combination will set you back about €35,00, but you can play around with different combinations, depending on how much you want to spend.


Zamnesia Gift Cards

Still haven't found something on this list that is ideal for your situation? Really? Then how about you leave things open and give your loved one a gift card? This allows them the choice of browsing our fine collection of cannabis seeds and other gifts. Our selection of herbs and oils, not to mention the paraphernalia we sell, can all be purchased with a Zamnesia gift card.

Simply by entering the voucher code, you or your loved ones can spend away. If you don’t use up your entire balance on one purchase, you're given a new voucher code with your remaining balance. Give the gift of growth and experimentation this season with a Zamnesia gift card.

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