Top 5 Indica Strains For 2018

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Top 5 Indica Strains

Every year, the seed banks of the world unleash a new wave of top-class genetics. We take a look at some of our favourites and see which five every indica lover should try out in 2018.

2018 brings a new growing season, which for the cannabis enthusiasts, brings all kinds of exciting possibilities! There are quite literally thousands of different strains to choose from when it comes to deciding what to grow, all offering varying potencies, effects, and growing traits. In order to kick things off with a bang, we have put together a list of our top 5 indicas for 2018. No matter whether you grow in or outdoors, these strains will set you up with a harvest to be proud of.

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Indica cannabis strains are stereotypically characterised by their short, squat stature, fast flowering times, and for inducing a stoned effect. In addition to this, they also tend to be hardy and resilient – dealing with cooler climates and shorter summers much better than their sativa cousins. This resilience is largely thanks to the arid and subtropical conditions landrace indica strains are found growing in, especially in mountainous regions where temperatures can fluctuate.

The combination of resilience, short stature and fast flowering times makes indica strains well suited to both indoor and outdoor growth. Indicas are also seen as a good starting point for both novice smokers and growers, as they tend to be fairly easy to grow, with the stoned effects being more manageable than the cerebral nature of a sativa.

As a side note, indica cannabis strains tend to produce a lot of resin, making them ideal for those wanting to make some hash!



Strawberry Banana (Reserva Privada)

Strawberry Banana is quite possibly the tastiest indica-dominant hybrid on the market. In fact, she is such an exquisite cannabis strain (with the most delicious fusion of strawberry and banana flavour), it’s almost a crime against nature to consume her. Although she would definitely be at home in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Strawberry Banana truly belongs in your grow room.

Reserva Privada and Serious Seeds have joined forces with the dankest and juiciest cannabis strains to create this unicorn err unique hybrid. Strawberry Banana is what you get when you blend the flash-freeze-you-to-the-couch Banana OG and the rare strawberry pheno Bubble Gum.

Flowering in 9 weeks and delivering a yield in the 500g/m² range, even if you don’t have much grow-op experience, Strawberry Banana is no diva. Connoisseur-grade cannabis has never been easier to cultivate. Strawberry Banana is the top-shelf indica that keeps on giving. Her powerful, couch-locking, fat and frosty buds are gourmet green and perfect for extracts.

For max indoor yield, most growers favour topping and/or the ScrOG method. Moreover, she responds well in a variety of substrates from soil to hydro. Strawberry Banana is tastier than anything you have ever toked or are likely to. Keeping a mother for clones is highly recommended. Caution: Once you enjoy a fat stash of Strawberry Banana, everything else is likely to be as appealing as smoking a bag of straw and sawdust.


Girl Scout Cookies (Cali Connection)

GSC is the fire, heavy-indica hybrid from the US West Coast that is setting grow-ops ablaze worldwide. Often imitated but never equalled, Girl Scout Cookies by Cali Connection is derived from the original San Francisco Thin Mint pheno. This is the real deal Girl Scout Cookies.

The original OG Kush and Durban Poison hybrid has been refined - carefully selected for its subtle minty flavour to complement the dominant biscuit tastes.

Short, branchy, and absolutely dripping with resin, Girl Scout Cookies is a 21st century indica specimen. Big flavour, fat frosty nugs, and a flowering period of just 8-9 weeks makes these cookies irresistible. The alluring, almost cake-like aroma and genuine mint-cookie flavour makes it all too easy to overindulge on Girl Scout Cookies. But make no mistake, these cookies pack a knockout punch like no other dessert cannabis strain. Expect intense couch-locking effects.

Both medicinal and recreational users will find cultivating Girl Scout Cookies to be rewarding. She is uncomplicated to grow and can tolerate high doses of fertiliser. Yields can be as high as 500g/m² with a little grower TLC. This is dank weed for those with a sweet tooth. Again, taking cuttings is highly recommended to keep the cookie jar filled.


Northern Light (Royal Queen Seeds)

Northern Lights is the cannabis strain that defines what a heavy indica is. This strain was the genesis of the indoor cultivation revolution. Northern Lights quite simply is “the one.” In fact, she was the very first hybrid of Afghani and Thai genetics bred specifically to grow under artificial light, way back in the 80’s. Over the generations, Royal Queen Seeds’ Northern Lights has been stabilised and fine-tuned to deliver the highest-quality indica bud.

Nothing compares to cultivating Northern Lights. Plants are short, stocky, and grow like clones, even when cultivated from seed. No other marijuana consistently performs for growers indoors and outdoors like Northern Lights. This strain has a well-deserved reputation for delivering impressive yields of compact flowers in just 8 weeks of bloom. A proven performer in grow spaces large and small.

Reliable, versatile, and a delight to toke, you really have no good reason not to crop Northern Lights. Rich, earthy flavour and a musky Kush aroma still enchants stoners after all this time. Effects begin with a brief cerebral rush followed by a long-lasting and relaxing physical couch-lock. Northern Lights is the perfect indica for growers of all levels, and is one of the best night time strains in history.


King’s Banner (Dark Horse Genetics)

King’s Banner by Dark Horse Genetics may not ring any bells with you. But this strain is indica royalty and probably the most potent marijuana you’ve never heard of. By crossing two red-hot US Kush strains King Louis XIII OG and Joseph OG, the fire Kush has ascended to the throne. King’s Banner is the dankest of the dank.

Immense THC levels (as high as 30%!) can be achieved by seasoned growers with a pack of these magic beans. Preserving a mother plant is especially important given that King’s Banner is not available in feminized seeds. Find that uber-potent keeper pheno and don’t let her go. This Kush is worthy of a long reign in the grow room.

9 weeks of flowering and she is ready for harvest. However, some phenos may require an extra 1-2 weeks to garner a full blanketing of trichomes on buds. King’s Banner effects are best described as being hit with an organic sinsemilla stun gun. This weed will put you in slow motion and plant you on the couch. A trip to fridge can be a bridge too far on occasion. Best to order in when dining with the King.


THC Bunker Buster (Zamnesia Seeds)

THC Bunker Buster is an original indica hybrid creation by the master breeders at Zamnesia Seeds. This indica-dominant hybrid delivers a huge payload of high-THC buds in just 8 weeks of bloom. The holy trinity of heavy indica Afghan, Northern Lights, and Skunk have been combined to make THC Bunker Buster. Few cannabis strains can boast such an impressive lineage.

Huge, swollen colas and chunky, bud-laden side branches are to be expected from low-profile bushes. Indoors or outdoors in a warm climate, THC Bunker Buster will grow with such vigour that she appears to explode with flowers. Training and pruning for yield is highly recommended to bush her out, even more, to fill lateral grow space. Vertical height rarely exceeds 1m indoors and 2m is the peak outdoors. Micro-growers and balcony growers take note.

THC Bunker Buster may be a compact weed warhead, but her harvest weight is definitely a heavyweight with as much as 450g/m² achievable, even by novices. Don’t waste the trim either; this frosty flower bomb is a homemade hash-maker’s dream come true. Just a couple of tokes of this very old-school, Skunky, hash-like marijuana and your whole body will be mellowed out. A few more and you’ll be on your way to dreamland.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! The 5 most alluring indicas you can get your hands on this year. If you enjoy the couch-lock effect that only the finest Cannabis indica can deliver, you won’t be disappointed. Whether you enjoy indica for recreation or relief, these are the elite strains you need to shortlist. The only question is, how soon can you get them in your grow-op?

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