Top 10 Mellow Strains Of 2016
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Top 10 Mellow Strains Of 2016

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From first-timers to experienced used, if you're looking for a mellow high, look no further. Here are the top ten mellow strains for 2016.

Are you looking for a strain that will give you a chill high that won't leave you feeling crazy? Luckily, several strains will provide you with a pleasant and mellow high. In fact, these strains are also perfect for beginners that are looking to have a calm first-time experience. Though some of these strains are rather potent, you can still achieve a relaxing buzz by ingesting small amounts. By taking it easy and savouring these buds, you are guaranteed to have a good experience. Here are the top ten mellow strains for 2016.

Big Buddha Cheese


Originating from England, Cheese is a well-known clone-only strain. Not only is it extremely potent, but it also smells just like cheese, hence its name. Also known as UK Cheese or Exodus Cheese, this strain eventually became one of the most popular strains in the UK.
In 2004, a breeder known as Big Buddha took the strain and crossed it with an Afghani indica to form a seed version of Cheese. In fact, Big Buddha Cheese won the High Times 2006 Cannabis Cup for the indica type. From there, it became perhaps the most popular and widely available Cheese hybrid in seed form.

Big Budda Cheese provides a mix of sweet tropical flavors with a skunky-cheese scent. Equally important, it gives you an uplifting and relaxing high. Also, it'll leave you feeling happy and give you a boost of creativity. In regards to medical benefits, this strain conquers stress, depression, insomnia, pain, and even headaches. For all you growers, the flowering time takes approximately 56 days.

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Big Buddha Cheese


Girl Scout Cookies


A cross between OG Kush and Durban Poison, this strain's rep is so good that it could no longer just stay in California, its homeland. Not only does Girl Scout Cookies offer full-body relaxation, but it also will put you on the highest level of euphoria. Not to mention, its sweet and earthy flavors are delightful. Even the smallest amounts of this strain can go a long way, especially with patients seeking substantial relief.

Girl Scout Cookies have other delicious phenotypes that include Thin Mint and Platinum Cookies, all in which provide similar effects and appearance. However, Girl Scout Cookies' beauty is more expressive with its twisting green calyxes that are wrapped in purple leaves along with orange hairs. When growing indoors, patients and consumers should wait 9 to 10 weeks for flowering to finish.

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Girl scout cookies

Northern Lights


Perhaps the most famous strain of all time, this indica-dominant strain is best known for its resinous buds, fast-producing flowers, and its ability to spring back into shape while growing. According to rumors, this strain first grew in Seattle, Washington. However, its cultivation took place in Holland after 1985 at Sensi Seeds.

Northern Lights produces sweet and spicy aromas that radiate from its crystal-coated buds. In fact, there are times that its buds reveal themselves in beautiful hues of purple. You can feel the psychoactive effects throughout your body as it relaxes your muscles and sends you into a dreamy state of euphoria. And for those restless patients out there, this strain will slip you into a comfortable and lazy high, which will too help relieve pain. Likewise, Northern lights provides relief from stress and depression. When growing indoors, a flowering time of 45 to 50 days is what Sensi Seeds recommends.

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Northern Lights Zamnesia

Blue Cheese


Blue Cheese is an indica cross that combines a Blueberry male with an original U.K. Cheese female. In addition to smelling like blue cheese, this strain also has a berry scent. When you combine the two, you get a smooth and unique flavor that reminisces the original Cheese strain. Being that this is a heavy indica, it guarantees relaxation. Likewise, it can provide relief from pain, stress, and muscle spasms. The average flowering time for this particular strain is 55 days.

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  Blue Cheese RQS

Mazar Kush


Mazar Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid and a cross of Afghani and Mazar-I-Sharif. Not only does this strain relax your body, but it also relaxes your mind. Thus, making it a terrific choice for those late night sessions or when you come home after a long day.

Aside from feeling relaxed, Mazar Kush makes you happy, uplifted, and even sleepy at times. Equally important, it can relieve pain, nausea, insomnia, muscle spasms, and headaches. In regards to smell, Mazar Kush has a pungent, nutty, and earthy scent. If you're looking to grow this particular strain, the approximate flowering time is only 50-55 days. Ultimately, if a relaxing high is what you want, you'll want to get your hands on this strain.

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Mazar Kush

White Widow


This strain is known for being quite potent. However, it's also commonly used for relaxation. Not to mention, it's the most famous strain worldwide. Since the 1990s, White Widow has made its way onto just about every Dutch coffee shop's menu. It's a cross between a Brazilian sativa landrace and heavily-resined South Indian indica. The buds are are white with crystal resin, which reveals just how potent it is.

Though this strain is rather potent and is known to give you a boost of energy, it can also relax you if you ingest it in smaller doses. A plus to the energy boost, however, is a spark of creativity and conversation. Despite White Widow's genetics giving rise to strains like White Rhino and White Russian, growers tend to prefer White Widow, which takes 60 days to flower indoors.

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White Widow Dinafem

White Russian


Created by Dutch breeders Serious Seeds, White Russian is a cross of legendary strains White Widow and AK-47. It's an indica-dominant hybrid and even won the High Times Cannabis Cup's "Best Overall" title 1996. At 22% THC, White Russian used to be known as the strongest strain in the world.

Even though this is a stronger strain, its most powerful ability is to relax you. On top of providing a relaxing high, it will make you happy, uplifted, and creative. When it comes to smell, White Russian is incredibly fragrant due to its fruity, sweet, and skunky scent. Coupled with its strong aromas, it also has smooth and spicy flavors with hints of skunk and earth. Despite the fact that White Russian can give you a head high, it still can just as well have you laid up on the couch. If you're looking to grow this indica, it takes about 60 days to flower.

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White Russian Serious Seeds

Green Poison


Green Poison is an indica cross bursting with flavors. Created by Sweet Seeds, it will attract you with its fruity and floral aromas. Not only does it numb your body with relaxation, but it slides you into a sweet state of euphoria. Though the name sounds intimidating, the only thing it'll get rid of is pain, insomnia, muscle spams, and loss of appetite.

An important thing for growers to know about Green Poison is that its susceptible to fungi. However, waiting up to 7 weeks for this indica to flower indoors will be more than worth it.

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  Green Poison

Blue Dream


Originating in sunny California, Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid and a legend among West Coasts strains. A cross between a Blueberry Indica and sativa Haze, Blue Dream provides relaxation throughout your entire body. Likewise, it eases you into a gentle euphoric state. Though this strain has phenotypes that express more of indica-like qualities, such as look and feel, the sativa variety remains to be more preferred.

Just as the name gives away, Blue Dream has sweet berry aromas. A cool fact about this strain is that it can deliver a significant amount of relief without the heavily sedative effects. Thus, making it attractive for daytime use, especially for patients; whether it be pain, nausea, or depression that you want relief from, Blue Dream can handle it all. When growing, it takes 67 days to flower.

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Blue Dream Humboldt Seeds



Coming from Green House Seeds is Kalashnikova, a hybrid of AK-47 and White Widow. With its strong, long-lasting indica effects, this strain will help you keep a clear head. The aromas are a mix of lemon, mango, and sweet honey. In addition, the strain has flavors of spiced hash and earthy musk. From full body relaxation to a boost of creativity, Kalashnikova allows you to be outgoing in social situations. When growing Kalashnikova, it takes eight to nine weeks to flower.

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  Kalashnikova Green House Seeds


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