The Best Cannabis Strains For 2024
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The Best Cannabis Strains For 2024

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The cannabis industry is ready to advance into the year of 2024. Get ready for some fresh and powerful genetics to hit the scene.

A new year means new innovations, new products, and a new generation of carefully bred and potentially game-changing cannabis strains. A new year also means many more smoke sessions are on the horizon, whether they be at home with friends, in the buzzing atmosphere of music festivals, or out in a blissful setting in nature. Below is a list of the best strains to check out in 2024, along with a few additions of new and exciting strains to keep an eye out for.

To kick off our list of the best strains you'll find in 2024, we wanted to show you 5 autoflowering strains and 5 photoperiods. Why, you wonder? Well, there are all sorts of growers out there. Some have all the time and expertise they could ask for; others, of course, might be under a time crunch, or still learning the ropes.

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We want to show you that there are quality cannabis seeds out there for everyone, regardless of time and experience constraints. There are a lot of fine strains we could have included here, but these are our personal favourites.

5 Autoflowering Cannabis Strains To Grow in 2024

Let's start with our picks for the best autoflowers. Each offers something special—whether it's unique cannabinoids, lightning-fast growth, or exceptional yields.

Sunset Sherbet Automatic by Zamnesia Seeds

Sunset Sherbet Automatic (Zamnesia Seeds)

Genetics indica-dominant hybrid
Parents Girl Scout Cookies x Pink Panties x ruderalis
THC 18–24%
CBD low
Flowering time 8-9 weeks from seed to harvest
Price per seed starting at €3,60

This thing is drenched in trichomes. Glistening like a snowflake, it’s wonderful to behold. But the flavours are the main reason people go for Sunset Sherbert Automatic. Powerful, sweet notes of berries and orange zest invigorate the palate and make for a very moreish smoke. Underpinning it all are deeper, skunky notes which indicate that, while this strain may taste light and airy, it’s a serious player when it comes to potency.


Royal CBDV Automatic by Royal Queen Seeds

Royal CBDV Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds)

Genetics 75% sativa, 20% indica, 5% ruderalis
Parents Solomatic CBD x Durban Poison
THC 0.3%
CBD 5%
Flowering time 8-9 weeks from seed to harvest
Price per seed starting at €9,50

Royal CBDV Automatic is a strain full of cannabidivarin, with equal levels of CBD to boot. These two cannabinoids combined means this strain is great for relaxation, without the psychotropic components of THC-rich weed. Still, containing a little THC (0.3%), you can expect the full-spectrum of cannabinoids—nothing is left out. Flowering in as little as 6–7 weeks (with a total growing cycle of 8–9 weeks) and boasting indoor yields of up to 450g/m², this is a quick plant that will leave you well-satisfied!

This is absolutely a savoury strain. Earth and pine are the dominant flavours, and together with the relaxing effects, they will take you to places of peace and tranquillity. Enjoy this strain whenever you’re seeking a clear-headed hit.

View Royal CBDV Automatic

Auto CBD-Victory by Dutch Passion

Auto CBD-Victory (Dutch Passion)

Genetics sativa-dominant hybrid
Parents undisclosed
THC 0.3%
CBD 4–6%
CBDV 4–6%
Flowering time 10 weeks from seed to harvest
Price per seed starting at €19,99

Auto CBD-Victory was the first cannabis strain to offer a 1:1 ratio of CBD:CBDV. Combined with very low levels of THC, this deeply relaxing strain is perfect for all those who need to chill out, without the potent effects associated with THC. Bred from Dutch Passion’s mysterious “research genetics”, this strain was a major milestone in cannabis development.

To go with its elusive heritage, it has an interesting terpene profile. Woody flavours of pine mix with almost vinegar-like flavours. The rich, sharp notes invigorate the palate and complement the gentle effects of this strain very well.

View Auto CBD-Victory

Bruce Banner Auto by Sweet Seeds

Bruce Banner Auto By Sweet Seeds

Genetics indica 41.1%, sativa 58.7%, ruderalis 0.2%
Parents Bruce Banner x Gorilla Girl XL Auto®
THC 18–25%
CBD 0.1%
Flowering time 10-11 weeks from seed to harvest
Price per seed starting at €8,33

An autoflowering take on a firm favourite, Bruce Banner Auto brings all your favourite bits of the photoperiod strain into a more hands-off plant. Retaining the super-strength that made Bruce Banner famous, this floral hybrid will make you happy and euphoric. Lasting for hours and stimulating creativity and imagination, this is not a high to miss!

This strain can be tiny, reaching as little as 50cm in height! Outdoors, however, it can ascend up to 150cm. Good yields of up to 500g/m² indoors and 150g/plant outdoors are a respectable reward for little work during the growing season. Bruce Banner Auto carries the flavours of its parent strain over, too. Floral notes, not unlike the original Diesel strains, dominate—underpinned by a certain earthiness.

View Bruce Banner Auto

CBG Auto by Kannabia

CBG Auto (Kannabia)

Genetics sativa-dominant hybrid
Parents undisclosed
THC <0.1%
CBD <0.1%
CBG 7–8%
Flowering time 8-9 weeks from seed to harvest
Price per seed starting at €20,00

The long-awaited CBG Auto has arrived. With the appearance of a powerful cannabis plant, you’d be forgiven for expecting this thing to be loaded with THC. However, what it lacks in THC, it makes up for in CBG. This cannabinoid has recently become the centre of speculation, alongside CBD. Thought to have similar effects, it’s well worth giving it a go and seeing if it doesn’t provide exactly what you need.

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Tasting floral and sweet, these delicious flavours are a joy to the smoke. Taken in consideration with the overall gentle effects of CBG Auto, these tastes and aromas finish it off perfectly.

View CBG Auto

5 Photoperiod Cannabis Strains To Grow in 2024

For the traditionalists, have a look at our photoperiod top picks for 2024.

Wedding Cake by Zamnesia Seeds

Wedding Cake (Zamnesia Seeds)

Genetics indica-dominant
Parents Triangle Kush x Animal Mints
THC 25%
CBD low
Flowering time 9 weeks
Price per seed starting at €5,10

Famous for its delicious flavours, Wedding Cake is still one of the best-tasting strains about. Featuring sweet notes with hints of spice and blueberries, can it get any better? Well, yes, it can. Euphoric, energising highs that fade out into blissful relaxation accompany these rich scents and aromas. The only danger with Wedding Cake is that you won’t want to smoke any other strain.

The name of this strain comes not only from its flavours. Looking at it, this thing appears like a cake covered in icing. The buds have a hefty frosting of trichomes, making them look almost white. It is clear from one look at Wedding Cake exactly how strong it is going to be. A top choice for many serious growers and smokers, Wedding Cake has to be smoked to be believed.

View Wedding Cake

Sensi Amnesia by Sensi Seeds

Sensi Amnesia (Sensi Seeds)

Genetics 65% sativa, 35% indica
Parents Hawaiian Indica x Jamaican Pearl x Afghani #1
THC undisclosed
CBD undisclosed
Flowering time 10 weeks
Price per seed starting at €8,33

This sativa-dominant strain does not shy away from its genetic heritage. A potent, uplifting high defined by feelings of energy and creativity is yours for the taking. With the vigorous growth of sativa strains, Sensi Amnesia can easily climb above two metres when growing outdoors. In both indoor and outdoor conditions, very large yields are to be expected.

The flavour is light, tropical, and spicy. Betraying the strength of this strain are the citrus overtones, which are the unmistakable mark of a strong sativa-leaning strain. Though, the indica comes out a little here too. Expect subtle, dark undertones of earth.

View Sensi Amnesia

Deep Candy by Greenhouse Seeds

Deep Candy (Greenhouse Seeds)

Genetics indica/sativa hybrid
Parents undisclosed
THC 0.3%
CBD 13%
Flowering time 8-9 weeks
Price per seed starting at €6,50

Deep Candy is a strain that tastes good and feels amazing. For those who desire a smoke without the sometimes overpowering effects of THC, this CBD-rich cannabis strain is a must-try. Levels of CBD can reach up to 13%, which is pretty high by anyone’s standards. The yields are good too, so you won’t be disappointed come harvest time. It will flower within about two months, and once it does you’ll get to joyfully watch buds appear in shades ranging from deep red to blue.

This strain is all about flavour. Expect powerful bursts of sugary candy, evocative of childhood trips to the sweet shop. This delicious dessert strain is the perfect way to wind down after a hard day—when you just need to slow down without getting high.

View Deep Candy

Royal Runtz by Royal Queen Seeds

Royal Runtz (Royal Queen Seeds)

Genetics 50% indica, 50% sativa
Parents Gelato x Zkittlez
THC 27%
CBD low
Flowering time 8-9 weeks
Price per seed starting at €7,00

A perfectly balanced hybrid, Royal Runtz is up there with the strongest strains on the planet. It is an absolute pleasure to smoke (so long as you proceed with care!), simultaneously inducing a beautifully relaxing full-body stone and an elevating cerebral rush. Truly a special experience. This is not a strain to indulge in when you have things to do. Not only is it too strong for that, but it’s so magnificent that it deserves your full attention.

Royal Runtz has an average growing time and delivers good yields. Despite its futuristic strength, it has a satisfyingly classic look. Green buds covered in trichomes and orange pistils mean you know exactly what you’re smoking. To taste, expect an almost overwhelming hit of sweet fruit salad! Royal Runtz will get your taste buds buzzing!

View Royal Runtz

Lafanta Light by Light Buds

Lafanta Light (Light Buds)

Genetics 70% sativa, 30% indica
Parents Cali Orange x Skunk x CBD Elite Clone
THC low
CBD high
Flowering time 9 weeks
Price per seed starting at €7,00

The perfect smoke for the daytime, Lafanta Light has a 1:1–1:2 THC to CBD ratio. This means there’s no danger of getting super stoned. Expect a gentle, relaxing ride and none of the usual, strong effects of smoking today’s THC-rich powerhouses. If this sounds good, you’ll be pleased to hear that it offers incredibly generous yields too! Indoors, up to 600g/m² is achievable, and reports indicate that yields of up to 1000g/plant are possible outdoors. An undeniably hefty haul.

For those who love a smoke, but for whatever reason need less THC in their lives, Lafanta Light has your back. Coming with that classic citrus taste that we all associate with weed, every spliff feels just right. So, no matter what, you can kick back and enjoy a smoke.

View Lafanta Light

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Luke Sumpter
With a BSc (Hons) degree in Clinical Health Sciences and a passion for growing plants, Luke Sumpter has worked as a professional journalist and writer at the intersection of cannabis and science for the past 7 years.
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