Ways To Consume Cannabis
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The Best Ways To Consume Cannabis Depending On The Situation

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There is no right way to enjoy cannabis. From the budget to the boutique, what are the ways to kick back and enjoy cannabis - by yourself or with a group of friends? Find the right consumption method for you.

As cannabis becomes more mainstreamed, consumption options abound. The reality is, there isn’t one “good” way to ingest the drug. It's all down to personal preference.

Today, those options are more varied than ever. Joints and blunts are still around, of course, but so too are high tech bongs and pipes. Vaping has entered a new level of sophistication. Then there is dabbing and let's not forget about edibles, which left the “brownie” mix box long ago. These days the category covers everything from canna-infused food to soda and gum.

Cannabis is great for smoking alone, and with friends. There are all sorts of rituals and options for different kinds of consumption. This is a plant with thousands of years of herb lore and tradition surrounding it. Why not get creative, and figure out your own?
You don’t need a lot of money (although the toys are fun). All you need is a little imagination – and weed is great for stimulating that!

Here are a few suggestions for enjoying your favourite plant – alone, with friends, and for a range of budgets and tastes.


Whether or not you believe that Jesus anointed followers with cannabis oil, it seems like a logical assumption. Shamans and magicians alike have used cannabis for spiritual ceremonies, and there is no reason not to adopt the idea here. Even if you modernize it.

Some easy to think of “rituals” include smoking before yoga or walks through nature. Some avid sportsmen report that smoking before a run gives them the focus and pain relief to find their “flow.” Creative people also engage in many rituals – from dancing by firelight to watching sunrise and sunset.

The point is, it’s up to you. Cannabis is a highly versatile plant. Here are a few other ideas.


Weed itself can be an expensive habit. Those who vape, however, claim that this is the most cost-effective delivery method for the buck. Along with reducing smoke inhalation, vapes actually convert THC more efficiently. According to California NORML, vapes are almost twice as effective in THC conversion than regular joints. Vapes can convert up to 46% of available THC into vapour (about twice as much as joints). This means you consume less weed (about half as much) for the same effect. And that is always helpful for budget smokers. Good but budget-minded vapes will set you back between €50 and €190.

Dabbing torches can also run the gamut. Cheap ones can start at €18 and go up from there.

You should be fairly cautious however about making your own bong. It is super easy to create one out of, say, a soda can or plastic bottle. However, if you do this, you should definitely buy proper screens. Using screens from other sources is dangerous. Do it yourself materials can release toxic chemicals which you could end up inhaling. You may end up smoking a lot more than “just” cannabis. If super stretched for cash, save up your pennies for something a bit more glam down the road and just invest in good old rolling papers.

The other place budget conscious cannabis consumers can save money is by saving scraps for edible projects. Some purists claim that edibles require the same selectivity as other forms of ingestion. However, this is generally not how edibles are made, even commercially. If you find you have a lot of different scraps left over, even if from different strains, think about cooking your cannabis. The results can be fantastic.

That said, first experiments on the cooking front almost never turn out as expected. For this reason, your leftover scraps are actually perfect for newbie edibles experiments.


Money does not solve everything, but it sure does help. When it comes to marijuana consumption, the fancy gear is just getting started. It is all so easy to spend lots of money on this kind of thing. Word to the wise – try before you buy. It helps if you can visit a local shop or regional canna fest expo.

Upscale gear starts with vapes. Expect to spend upwards of €190 for the more versatile brands. That said, they tend to have more efficient vaping action. Many also allow you to switch between dry herb, wax and liquid concentrate. Many of the more upscale versions also have web apps that come with them to help customise your vape experience.

Vaporizer Money

Pipes, of course, have always had a range of prices from the budget to the boutique. Today, this range has been extended by all sorts of clever gadgets and gizmos.


Cannabis consumption is nothing if not social. What are the best methods to consume weed in a group? Something that is easily shareable, not too fragile, and adds to the scene. Passing around a fragrant joint is a time honoured tradition. Bongs can also be fun, depending on the size of the group. These days, headshops are not hard to find just about anywhere. Bongs also range from the cheap, plastic utilitarian to glass, bamboo and ceramic luxury models. Pick your bong with as much care as you do the company. You also have a great many options to choose from. From the utilitarian to the slightly strange, you can never go wrong passing the bong with buddies.

Smoking bong with friends

Hukas have also started to grow in popularity over the last few years. Just like bongs, these Arabic water pipes can add to the sense of camaraderie between friends.

Of course, smoking with other people carries its own special etiquette too. Some “rules” are just common sense. For example, don’t slobber on what is being passed around. Don’t torch the bowl. The one who rolls it, sparks it. And try to contribute cannabis to the group at least occasionally. Nobody likes a mooch.

It also goes without saying that, even in a group, smoking in public is still forbidden just about everywhere. Smoke responsibly. Do it in private.

It is also a golden rule of group cannabis consumption to never steal other people’s lighters. You might be tripping, but be considerate.

It is also good to know your limits. Everyone can have a bad first or second experience. But if you have a strange reaction or get too silly or sloppy, proceed with caution the next time.
This is all about social, relaxing fun.


When smoking on your own, the only one who cares what etiquette or equipment you use is you. Be creative. Rolling joints can be hard, but once you have practised the art, it’s a skill that lasts a lifetime. Creative experimentation with wrappings is always fun.

Smoking alone

So are ways to inhale that do not involve rolling up. Creating your own bong, whether from a soda can or bucket, is one way to customise your inhaling experience. After all, nobody else has to know. You can look as silly as you like. Whatever works.

That said, you are also the connoisseur of this house. The fancy gear is best used when you are the one who enjoys it the most.


When it comes to medical use, there is starting to be a little clinical guidance on the subject. Most people, from doctors to patients, suggest alternatives to joints. Vaping is one popular way for medical users to get their hit. However, so are other non-smoked/inhaled options. Edibles are popular for this audience. Cosmetics and tinctures are also becoming widely available.

Cannabis oils are more and more proving to be a good option, particularly for this use. Oils can be consumed directly or under the tongue. They can also be added to edibles or vaped. Both THC and CBD oils are becoming available in every jurisdiction where there is reform. This is because CBD is also considered a “Schedule I.” However, in multiple jurisdictions, this is becoming a hotbed for new regulation. In Europe, for example, CBD oil from hemp is a very popular option.

You should, however, check the labelling of the oil you buy. Just like cannabis, CBD oil comes in many concentrations.


For those who are considering their first toke or equipment purchase, go slow. Start with something simple, like a joint or blunt (which can be easier to roll too). It is also very easy to find starter bowls and pipes in even your local tobacco shop.


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