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Everything You Need To Know About Cannabis Crumble Wax

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The dab world is filled with many similar, but different, types of extracts. Some even look almost exactly alike, adding to the confusion. Here, we explain what cannabis crumble wax is, how it's made, and why it may be a better choice than shatter, budder, or even regular crumble. Of course, we'll also explain the best ways to consume it.

Crumble wax starts off the same way as most concentrates. You pass a solvent through buds or trim to extract the resin. From there, the THC-rich solution can be made into shatter, budder, or cannabis wax—depending on how you purge the residual solvent.

No matter what type of concentrate is made, the potency will be about the same. The difference will be in the consistency and taste. Cannabis crumble wax is vacuum-purged at lower temperatures and for a longer time than anything else made using the same extraction process. As a result, it contains more terpenes and has a dry, crumbly texture that looks almost like damp sugar or feta cheese.

Sometimes, cannabis crumble wax is called honeycomb wax. This is because the concentrate forms a delicate honeycomb structure immediately after it's purged. It's way too fragile to hold this shape for long and soon falls apart, or crumbles, into small chunks.

Crumble Wax Vs Regular Crumble


There are two very similar types of crumbles on the market today. One is the crumble wax we just described. The other is plain or regular crumble without any mention of wax.

Regular crumble starts off just like crumble wax and shatter. But, once again, the purging process is different. While crumble wax is vacuum-purged at a low temperature for a long time, regular crumble is purged over high heat in an open container so it can be whipped as the solvent evaporates.

Once again, the potency will be very similar, and both extracts will even look almost the same, but crumble wax will have a richer taste because it was processed using a low-heat method that preserves the terpenes.

Why Is It Better To Use Lower Heat When Purging?


If the higher heat used during a fast purge doesn't affect potency, does it really matter what type of extract you consume? It probably doesn't if your only goal is to get high AF, but if you're medicating, it might.

Heat destroys most of the terpenes that remain after the extraction process. These natural compounds are not only responsible for the way cannabis smells and tastes, but for some of their health benefits as well. Over 100 terpenes have been identified to date, and some of these combine with cannabinoids like THC and CBD to either enhance their good properties (myrcene boosts the high) or reduce their less desirable side effects (α-pinene calms anxiety).

Excessive heat is also thought to convert some of the chemicals in cannabis into carcinogens, just like grilling meat until it's charred is thought to do. Processing under lower heat should make it much less likely that your concentrate will contain any harmful materials.

How Can I Consume Crumble Wax?

  • Dabbing Crumble Wax

You can vaporize crumble wax using a dab rig or electronic nail just like you would shatter or any other type of extract. However, if you want to preserve the terpenes for a tastier rip, you'll have to dab at a lower temperature than you normally would. Don't forget to clean the nail between dabs to remove any residual oils, or you won't always get a full-melt experience.

If the crumble wax refuses to stick to your dab tool, heat it up just a little. A slight rise in temperature should help the crumble melt onto the tool so it's easier to work with.

  • Put Crumble Wax In A Joint

You can still enjoy crumble wax if you can't get your hands on a dab rig. Simply sprinkle the crumble over the ground flowers before you finish rolling your joint or blunt. If you choose this method, proceed with caution. Not only will the potency be magically enhanced, so will the harshness. It can be really easy to get higher than you intended… or cough up your lung.

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  • Use Crumble Wax In Your Edibles

Ready to make some easy cannabutter or THC-infused coconut oil? Simply place the butter or oil in a saucepan, warm it gently, and add the crumble wax. It melts easily and will completely dissolve in the butter or oil within minutes.

If you purchase your crumble wax from a dispensary, the package should include a label that states the exact THC content. This makes it easy to precisely dose homemade brownies, cookies, or other baked goods. Just don't use your infused oil to fry anything. The higher heat will degrade all the THC before you get a chance to sample the recipe.

Can I Make My Own Crumble Wax?


Not really. It's dangerous, it requires special equipment and safety measures—and it's DAMN dangerous. The dangerous part can't be emphasised enough. The extraction process involves flammable gases. People have set themselves on fire, their friends on fire, and burnt down/blown up many, many buildings. It's on the Walter White scale of hazardous, minus the drug lords and meth dealers.

That's why many places that have legalized growing your own cannabis still won't allow people to legally make their own extracts—and it's one thing we have to agree with. If you want to give crumble wax a try, we recommend that you travel to a legal dispensary to purchase some.

Crumble Wax — The Fast Facts


Crumble wax is a special type of cannabis extract that's vacuum-purged for a longer time and at a lower temperature than other extracts. If you compared it to any other type of extract made from the same weed, it would be equally potent, but the low-heat processing preserves more aromatic terpenes than any other method. As a result, more flavour and health benefits are retained. Crumble wax can be dabbed, added to a joint, or blended into edibles, but don't try to make your own at home. Again, the extraction process IS dangerous and requires expensive, specialised equipment. So, you better wait until you have the chance to visit a legal retail location to give crumble wax a try!


Written by: Sherry
Featuring as a regular guest writer, Sherry lives in the wild heart of the American East Coast. Based at her family farm, she has developed a deep respect for cannabis, continuing to master and hone its cultivation.

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