Concentrates Perfect For Newbies
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3 Cannabis Concentrates Perfect For Newbies

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Trying cannabis concentrates can be daunting. But it doesn't have to be! Kief, tinctures, and rosin are 3 cannabis concentrates that are great for beginner dabbers, before moving on to more intense concentrates like BHO.

Concentrates or “dabs” are the latest craze in the world of cannabis. All of it can seem a little overwhelming, especially to people who are new to weed. But it doesn’t need to be. Here are 3 cannabis concentrates perfect for new officiants.



Kief is easily the most basic cannabis concentrate. A fine powder made of thousands of tiny trichomes, kief can be sprinkled on a regular joint or bowl for a little extra kick. Kief is also the main ingredient in hash, where it’s compressed into dense blocks.

Collecting kief is easy. All you need is a grinder with a kief compartment, like the Metal Grinder RQS Pollinator. As you grind your flower, kief will automatically filter through the fine mesh screen and collect in the bottom compartment of the grinder. To enjoy it, simply sprinkle some into your joint or bowl.

Alternatively, try saving your kief (if you can resist the urge to smoke it) and, once you have a decent amount, try your hand at making your own hash. To do so, put your kief between two pieces of folded baking paper. Next, fill a glass bottle with boiling water and use it as a rolling pin to roll and press your kief. Remember to use a hand towel when handling the glass to avoid burning yourself.

You’ll need to roll and press the kief multiple times until it reaches the right consistency, which should resemble that of a brownie. Alternatively, you can use a tool like the Super Pollen Press to compress your kief into small, compact discs.

Kief is a great stepping stone for beginners because it isn’t as potent as some of the BHO products on the market, and won’t leave you with a knockout stone. Plus, kief is super easy to dose; a little sprinkle is usually all you’ll need to step up your regular joint/bowl.


Oils Or Tinctures

Cannabis oils/tinctures are another great way to start familiarising yourself with the world of concentrates. CBD oils, for example, are great because they don’t produce that intoxicating high and are readily available in our webshop. Plus, CBD is getting a lot of attention for its potential health benefits.

Alternatively, if you want to try a tincture with THC, you can easily make one at home using alcohol as a solvent. You’ll need to decarb your cannabis flower, then let it steep in high-proof alcohol like Everclear. You’ll then need to strain your alcohol and reduce it down into a thick paste that you can then dilute using vegetable oil.

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Alternatively, check out our tutorial on how to make cannabis tinctures using food-grade glycerine. Once you’ve made your oil, you can use this capsule machine to fill it into vegetable or gelatine caps to make dosing super easy.


Rosin Hash

Rosin is a delicious extract that’s very potent, yet easy to make at home. All you need is some premium flower, parchment or baking paper, and a hair straightener. Wrap a bud in the parchment paper and press it as tight as possible for 3 seconds.

Repeat this a few more times, moving the bud to a new spot on the paper each time. Once you’re done, collect the rosin using a dabber and enjoy it in a portable vaporizer like the Storm for a potent, clear, yet not-overpowering high.

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Rosin is a great concentrate for beginners because it is easy to make and makes for a really tasty smoke. Plus, out of all the extracts on this list, it is the most similar in consistency and effects to some of the newer BHO dabs currently on the market.


Trying dabs for the first time doesn’t have to be intimidating. Kief, tinctures, and rosin are all great alternatives to BHO to help you get familiar with the exciting world of cannabis concentrates.

Steven Voser
Steven Voser
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