Cannabis Infused Olive Oil
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How To Make Cannabis Infused Olive Oil

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Cannabis butter isn't the only way to infuse your food with beautiful bud. A much more healthy alternative is to make some cannabis infused olive oil.

Within the last decade, the technology behind cannabis extracts and concentrates has made major leaps. Leaving the early green slurries behind, supercritical CO2technology is currently at the forefront of purity and potency, yielding a pristine and clean oil. Butane extraction also produces beautiful concentrates, plus the equipment is significantly more affordable than a CO2 setup - but it come with risks for both the producer and the consumer if not done properly.

But amidst all the new high-tech extractions, one of the most efficient and oldest extractions has taken a bit of a back seat: Olive oil. Granted, olive oil can’t be smoked. But when it comes to edibles, few things surpass the simplicity of olive oil.

What might come as a surprise is that a study has found olive oil to be the most effective solvent for a full spectrum cannabis extraction, along with ethanol. They found that both olive oil and ethanol extract all cannabinoids and terpenes very efficiently, however, olive oil does only strip very little chlorophyll, which is a major advantage over ethanol.

In conclusion, the study found that „olive oil [is] the most optimal choice for preparation of Cannabis oils for self-medication. Olive oil is cheap, not flammable or toxic, and the oil needs to be heated up only to the boiling point of water.“ One disadvantage, however, is that olive oil cannot be concentrated. That makes ingestion of larger quantities more difficult, but for most cases the potency is more than enough.

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When it comes to cannabis-based edibles the biggest hurdle most people face is infusion - figuring out an effective way to incorporate cannabis into their cooking without ruining both the marijuana and the meal in the process. Well, many opt to use cannabis butter because of its versatile nature and easy application. However, butter doesn’t fit into every dish. In those cases, infused olive oil is the best choice. The great thing about cannabis infused olive oil is that not only is it healthier but it can be used in pretty much every salty dish you can think of!

Here’S What You Need:

  • Virgin olive oil
  • Cannabis, finely ground
  • Strainer
  • Grinder (blender, coffee grinder, food processor, etc.)
  • Double-boiler, slow cooker, saucepan, etc.


  1. Grind the cannabis. You can include trim, flower, or both - it’s a matter of preference.

  2. Measure out the oil and cannabis. Generally, a 2:1 oil to cannabis ratio (by volume) is a good place to start. Alternatively, simply fill a container with herb and then top up until it’s entirely covered with oil.

  3. Let the oil simmer in a double boiler setup, never letting it boil and constantly stir. If you see bubbles begin to form in the oil, turn down the heat and remove the mixture from the burner until it cools off a bit.

  4. After a couple of hours, let the oil cool down and you are then ready to strain and store your oil. The oil's shelf life is at least two months, and can be extended with refrigeration.

You now have your marijuana infused cannabis oil!

Val Watts

Written by: Val Watts
Val Watts is not talented enough to be Reggie Watts and not zen enough to be Alan Watts. But he does what he can writing about cannabis from the Emerald Isle. He hopes some day the green will be accepted everywhere so he loves researching and visiting the places it is.

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