The Best Stoner Hobbies To Do While High

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Stoner Hobbies

Being stoned doesn't mean you have to just sit around doing nothing! We take a look at some of the most popular hobbies practiced by stoners while high - cannabis can be a real boost to these activities!


As we all now know, stoners are not the lazy blobs, stuck on the couch eating chips all day like people once believed. Stoners are productive and friendly members of society who work, raise families, and participate in many interesting hobbies in their free time.

While activities can run the gamut from something relaxing like sitting outside and stargazing, to hiking or working out which are more physically taxing, particular hobbies manage to draw in the majority of stoners. Often times, stoners are enticed by the marvellous, natural, and artistic aspects of life, which greatly reflects in the hobbies they choose.


Creativity is what separates the ordinary from the spectacular, and cannabis certainly helps everyone's inner creativity make its way to the surface. If you have an image, marijuana just might be the tool to help you turn it into a tangible piece of artwork.

It's theorised that artists as brilliant as Pablo Picasso and William Shakespeare engaged in a little bit of reefer use back in their days. Experts believe that Cubism, Picasso's distinct style of painting, can be attributed to his skewed perceptions while high on cannabis. There was also evidence of cannabis residue on clay pipes found in Shakespeare's home. It can't be proven that those pipes actually belonged to Shakespeare, but considering they were in his home and he happened to mention the "noted weed" in Sonnet 76, inquiring minds have been wondering about Shakespeare's history with marijuana use for quite some time.

Other forms of art such as sculpting, drawing, and photography are all relaxing hobbies to have while stoned that can greatly benefit the mind and soul, and even inspire other people. It's highly likely that some of histories greatest pieces of art were created by people who were smoking weed.


If you have a green thumb, try smoking a little cannabis before tending to your garden. And if you don't already have a garden, it may be something to consider. When it comes to gardening, the options are endless. There's flowers, herbs and spices, bonsai trees, vegetables, cannabis plants of course, and so much more!

Gardening stoned

Even beginners can have a lot of fun and success growing their gardens. Certain crops are known to be easier to grow than others, such as tomatoes, sunflowers, and sugar snap peas. Tending to something like a bonsai tree might take some more patience and experience.

If growing cannabis is more your speed, some strains require significantly less effort than others to grow properly. Blue dream, Green Crack, and Gorilla Glue are notoriously low maintenance and have the potential to produce some very high-quality buds.

The biggest benefit to having your own garden is, regardless of what you grow, you'll be able to enjoy all your produce without the fear of pesticides or any other unknown contaminants. Plus, maybe it's all the work put into it, but everything just seems to taste better when it's grown by you personally - and that includes cannabis.


Building models of anything requires a lot of patience and precision, but it's a very rewarding hobby. Planes, ships, and cars - especially RC cars - are extremely popular stoner pastimes. Not only is it something you could do alone to pass the time, but it's an activity that could be fun to do with the rest of your family as well.


Playing instruments, singing, and writing songs all fall into that creative and artistic spectrum, and they're all beloved ways for stoners to pass the time. Some even make a career out of smoking weed and making music.

Bob Marley, for example, was not only a well-known singer and pothead, but he was also an avid activist. Paul McCartney, Carlos Santana, and Mick Jagger are all pro-legalization and have never been shy about their use of marijuana. Even if you don't plan on going big, what's more enjoyable than smoking a nice joint and making some beautiful music.


Stoned or not, it's always a good idea to get outside and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. Hiking might be a bit strenuous for some people, especially while stoned. Fishing, walking the dog, camping for a weekend, or even laying out by the pool and getting a tan, these are all relaxing pursuits to enjoy while high, not to mention a great way to get some extra vitamin D.

Fishing while stoned


Making jewellery is an excellent stress reliever and a fun way to fill your free time. The laser-like focus some people achieve when stoned really comes in handy when making an intricately beaded necklace or braiding hemp.


The stomach isn't the way to only a man's heart; everyone loves good food! Of course, not everyone is partial to cooking. However, if it's something that you enjoy, cooking is unarguably one of the best avocations for a stoner. Many people get the munchies when they smoke, and if you're good in the kitchen you can get baked and whip up anything your heart desires.


Video games get a bad reputation sometimes. While it's true that they can mind numbing and all-consuming at times, studies show they can also have major benefits on dexterity and linear thinking. Plus realistically, we probably all know at least one person that loves to get stoned and play video games in their free time.

All in all, the hobbies available are limitless, so anything that fills your time and your heart is the best way to go. For some, cannabis is a hobby in and of itself - growing, activism, glassblowing, and smoking of course. Regardless of what your hobby may be, it's without a doubt that cannabis is a fantastic way to enhance any leisure activity in your life.


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