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How High Am I? The Levels Of Being High

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You smoke weed, you get stoned right? Well, not necessarily. While stoned is the level of high that most people wish to achieve, you may pass through a few different stages before reaching that point.

From feeling mildly buzzed to stuck on the couch tripping out, the different levels of being high on cannabis really run the gamut. There's no clear-cut formula on how to get to a certain stage; some people can take one hit and be baked out of their minds, while others can smoke all day and never surpass buzzed or slightly stoned.



The ride begins with stage one, feeling buzzed. In case anyone needs clarification, buzzed is the sensation that lies somewhere in between "sober" and "high". Depending on your tolerance, feeling buzzed may come after one hit, or it could take a few extra.

Being buzzed will probably make you feel somewhat more connected with the world. Colours might be brighter, music more melodic, and an increased feeling of overall relaxation might accompany those hits. If you haven't crossed into the stoned threshold, you should still be able to easily perform all your responsibilities without getting distracted. A plus side is that you could even be more interested in completing your mundane, daily tasks when you're a little buzzed.


High and stoned

The first thing that's worth pointing out is that being "high" and being "stoned" are NOT the same thing. Both are descriptive terms for the effects of smoking pot, but the feelings are completely different. Feeling "high" sometimes precedes feeling "stoned".

A cannabis "high" is usually described as an elated feeling, leaving users happy, energetic, and optimistic. Some people even feel a burst of energy, enabling them to get quite a bit accomplished when they smoke. These are often the artists and innovators, that seemingly draw a great deal of inspiration from getting high.

Getting "stoned", contrary to feeling high, is characterised by a feeling of blissful relaxation, calmness and lethargy. This is the most commonly talked about effect of smoking recreational cannabis and this is that "stuck on the couch" feeling some people get when they smoke.

Not everyone feels both, but some do. Some people get high first, then the feeling transitions into being stoned, and some people feel only one or the other. Whether you get high or stoned also depends on how much you smoke, what strain you're using (sativas tend to make people high, where as indicas lean towards stoned), and your own personal chemical makeup - which plays greatly into how pot will affect you.


Tripping Cannabis

If you've ever reached the point of tripping out and actually hallucinating from smoking pot, then kudos to you! It's not an easy feat to accomplish. According to stoner lore, this stage is like a lesser version of mushroom or acid trip, which is something not all stoners can say they've had the privilege of experiencing. It is very rare.

At this level, physical energy and mental focus will surely make a comeback. Some people may have a surge in visual and auditory sensitivity, which includes closed eye fractal hallucinations. This is the level when you explore and embrace the feeling of tripping out because it will be impossible to hide or focus on tasks at this point anyway.


After an eventful day of getting buzzed, high, stoned, tripping out, or all of the above, you'll most likely be tired and ready for a good night's sleep. You will probably feel happy and content, and maybe even accomplished if you've had a highly productive (pun intended) stoned adventure. Either way, this is the time to have a snack, then crawl into bed for some one-on-one, quality time with your pillow off in dreamland.


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