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Best Board Games To Play While High

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In this article, we will take a look at 7 board games that are great fun to play while enjoying some cannabis. Some of them are classics, some are new but all are very entertaining.

Most of us enjoyed board games while we were kids, but kicked the habit as we got older, especially with the dawning of the information age. However, board games aren't a thing of the past and there is a whole industry centered around it, with more and more board games being released every year. With this colorful array of board games, it shouldn’t be hard to find a game, that will suit you and your family and friends. Add to that mix some extra kick with good ol' fashioned cannabis and you got yourself the perfect leisure time full of fun and laughter.

Common knowledge is, that cannabis makes everything better and board games are no exception. It won't do wonders concerning your concentration, but it will relax you and get the creative juices flowing, which leads to some awesome games. Take a look at our list of the best board games to play while having a toke and satisfy that nostalgic itch or start a new tradition for your social gatherings.

Hemp Heroes


This is a great one to play when you’re high. Would you expect anything less from a game called Hemp Heroes?! This cannabis-themed board game takes a little inspiration from Monopoly and is hugely competitive. Tasked with buying all the strains you can get your hands on, the end goal is to own all the strains from a single company, win cannabis cups, and beat your friends one by one! This game will undoubtedly fuel some fun stories and conversations (or disputes) about your real-life favourite cannabis strains.

Hemp Heroes is a lighthearted game full of cannabis fun. It’s easy to pick up—even if you’re feeling a little hazy—so you won’t struggle to keep track of what’s happening. Just make sure to remember which company you’re going for! Or, if you’re a wild card, just buy as many as you can to derail your friends’ chances of becoming a Hemp Hero!

Settlers Of Catan


Somewhere between party games and classic strategy games, there is a place for Euro-style games. Eurogames emphasize strategy while keeping luck and conflict at bay. Probably the most popular and bestselling Eurogame is Settlers Of Catan. You take the role of a settler, that needs to build roads and cities by trading 5 types of resources with other settlers. Watch out because Settlers Of Catan are highly addictive and you will find yourself losing a copious amount of time, especially while under the influence of some primo ganja. But, fear not, amusement, fits of laughter and trading arguments are guaranteed. Especially once you forget for the third time whose turn it is and why won't anyone trade you some wood.

Dungeons And Dragons


We can't make a list of best board games without adding the legendary Dungeons and Dragons. Technically not a pure board game as the board is secondary, but it is played on a table with dice and that's why it entered our list. If you ever played something from the Fallout or Elder Scrolls series, then know, that Dungeons and Dragons is the game, that started it all. The benchmark of all roleplaying games, Dungeons and Dragons is set in an open fantasy world where you create and control a character, that engages in various quests and battles gathering fame and fortune. Imagine you're playing Skyrim with dice and storytelling while one of your friends acts as director in the role of the Dungeon Master. Now think of the potential this game has combined with some delicious buds. Get your creative game on with some dank and travel through countless fantasy worlds, participating in hilarious and exciting encounters with the most amazing characters. And all of this thanks to your imagination.



For all you artsy and creative types, look no further than Dixit. A wonderful and simple game, that revolves around storytelling, Dixit equips each player with 6 cards painted with delightful illustrations. Each turn one of the players is the "storyteller" selecting one of his cards and making up a sentence about it while the other players need to pick one of their cards, that matches that sentence. The cards are shuffled and the players need to guess which one is the storyteller's card. The hidden gem in this game are the card illustrations, most of them picturing nothing in particular with dreamy, fantastic scenarios. Dixit goes very well with cannabis as you will marvel at the little paintings and get lost in making up associations for your card. It is very amusing to see what kind of ideas will pop up in your head while playing this game high.



One of the more classic party games, Jenga is a board game, that calls for nerves of steel as your goal is not knocking over a tower consisting of wooden blocks. The tower comprises of 54 wooden blocks and players need to take out one block per turn and put it on the top. Once the tower falls, the player responsible is the loser, while the one who played the turn before is the winner. Grind up some high quality herb and reach Jenga enlightenment; perfect balance and a firm focus.



There are some board games, that are globally popular and need no special introduction, one of them surely is Risk. Risk is probably the most popular mass market war game around. It is a strategy game consisting of diplomacy and conflict, the main goal being world conquest. Enjoyed by many generations, Risk is suited for children and adults alike, while stoners will experience a special joy plotting against their friends and participating in crazy alliances. Just don't forget, that you need to take over the world, calm and nice won't get you anywhere.



Another one of the heavyweights, Monopoly is locally licensed in 103 countries and printed in more than 37 languages. Players in Monopoly act as landowners buying, trading or selling properties and developing them with houses and hotels, while at the same collecting rent from the competition. The goal is to drive all other players into bankruptcy, leaving one monopolist as the winner. One gaming session can last up to 3 hours if players are experienced, so it goes without saying, that it is easier handled with some quality cannabis, that will ease potential arguments and calm players. Try to control the market without hurting your friends' feelings, not an easy task.

Lords Of Cannabis


It wouldn't be a list of best board games to play while high, if we didn't include a board game, that is based around cannabis. Lords Of Cannabis is a strategy game alike Settlers Of Catan and Risk where the goal is to conquer the cannabis market using trading, strategy, and risk. Build your own weed empire while dodging the cops, the mob and other players pitted against you. With the weed theme going on, you and the people around you will want to smoke the whole time during the game and you should. It is an amazingly fun and hilarious game made with the cannabis enthusiast in mind.

You shouldn't consider this list as final or nearly done. There are many great board games out there and many more are coming out each year. This list should be seen as a guideline for having a fun night with your family, friends and possibly some top-shelf cannabis.


Written by: Zamnesia
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