The Best Ways To Overcome A Weed Hangover

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Weed Hangover

Although hangovers are associated with the horrific feeling of overindulging in alcohol, smoking far too much weed the night before may also generate a feeling that isn't exactly pleasant.

Although they pale in comparison to a hangover induced by alcohol, cannabis hangovers do appear to be a phenomena that can affect some people. This is despite the fact there are cannabis smokers who claim to smoke unlimited amounts of high-grade herb and still wake up the next morning as though the only thing they did last night was eat dinner. Others appear to not be so lucky, and seem to exhibit symptoms that may be classed as somewhat of a hangover.

Cannabis hangovers are accompanied by symptoms such as sleepiness, laziness, congestion, dehydration and dry mouth. The cause for this may be overindulging in strong cannabis.

If you ever find yourself waking up after an intense night of blazing and would rather remove or minimise the symptoms of a so-called weed hangover, there are various measures you can take to ensure it is over as soon as possible.


Don't smoke again

This might seem like an obvious option to some; however, others may think that sparking up another joint might replace the hangover sensation with a pleasant high. Although this might be true for some, it might just enhance the laziness and sleepiness in others; sensations that are far from ideal if you are aiming for a productive and active day.


Placing your head back on that welcoming pillow might be the key to cushioning a weed hangover for some. Though some cannabis is known to almost lull a person to sleep, they would have smoked far too much. Similarly, it can alter the sleeping pattern by reducing REM sleep, to the point where some smokers report a lack of dreaming that may not return until they cease smoking for a time. However, because deep sleep is the most restful type, this may not be a problem.

Sleep More

Choosing to fall back to sleep when experiencing a weed hangover, considering you have the time to do so, will enable more rest and recovery and a period of sobriety. People who struggle to get back to sleep may want to consider supplementing melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone made within the human body in the pineal gland. This hormone plays an important role in the circadian rhythm, or sleep cycle. Melatonin production is inhibited by light, especially blue light, and therefore production ramps up when it is dark and time to go to sleep. If you are using melatonin to fall asleep, be sure to block out all light sources for optimum effects.


Junkfood Cannabis

There is no doubt that eating a hefty meal is going to bring about some sense of relief and comfort. Perhaps avoid caffeine during this meal as it acts to dehydrate the body. Also, orange juice is said to be a stoner's best friend when it comes to mellowing out a high.



Exercise may be particularly helpful in feeling more energised and boosting your body's metabolic processes, as well as burning up some of the calories accumulated from the munchies feast that went down on the previous night. High intensity interval training or some reasonable aerobic exercise will do a good job of boosting blood flow, encouraging a good sweat and making you feel alive and well.


Being adequately hydrated will help with energy levels in general and may help you feel more awake and engaged. Plus is will serve as a good replacement in the meantime for any sugary and caffeinated drinks that might make you feel even more rough.


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Written by: Luke Sumpter
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